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Ayyy! Mads finally decided to update- dude we are littelry 500 reads away from 2k alredy-? Holy shiii yall are crazy! I'll try mu best to make this chapter big and i really love this idea so yea! Also about the last of us reader insert book from last chapter its on the way  <3

Those weird armored men have been way more common, its scary, camilo bruno, dolores and mateo kept what happened a secret and have been very gentle with you since, you were very thanful.

You were currently asleep when "WAKE UP MI AMOR!" You opened your eyes covering them with your arm as the sun made it hard to see "camilo, corazõn, what do you want?" You asked with a sleepy voice "uh i-i- well- ugh" he said flushtered "why are you blushing again?" He rubbed the back of his neck "y-your voice-" you giggled and sat up"my voice hm~?" he nodded (TOP Y/N FOR YALLLLLLL) "you're adorable when you blush yk amor" you wishoered in his ear.

Camilo's POV
'Holy fu-' "a-am i n-now?" 'God damit camilo' i thought to myself, y/n hummed a low "mhm" (small mo sesh cuse idk how to make this chapter bigger and before someone says "oH hE iS 15" hunny i have heard 12 year olds fuck in the school bathroom) before leaning in to kiss me, ofc i kissed back, wraping my arms around there middle as they held my face.

Y/n pov

Once you pulled away, camilo pouted making you laugh and lean in kissing his freckles one by one "w-what are you doing?" He asked, chuckling after he realised. You then pushed him back on the bed and started tickling him "amor, no, stop" he said as he laughed, you had to admit he had the cutest laugh ever, then one of Antonios animals walked in with a pice of paper in it's mouth, you grabbed it and the animal left.

I would noramly be really mad, since you woke me up, BUT, this is adorable so you are lucky, im so telling Bruno about this -Dolores

Just as you finished reasing it "TÍO BRUNO!" "Shit" you mumbled,
As you got out of bed and run with Camilo to find Dolores at the top of the stairs "Dolores? Are you-" you looked over to see what she was looking at, your siblings and the madrigals were all panicking "uhmm guys?" You kept trying to get there attention until you decided touve had enough "Dolores cover your ears for me" she did "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!!" you screamed, everyone stoped on there tracks then luisa started panicking "THEY ARE GONNA STEAL OUR GIFTS" "wait wha-" you looked over at bruno and motioned for him and mirabel to folllow "Cami, Dolores stay here and try to calm everyone down" "bu-" "no buts" and you jeft with the other two

"So are you thinking what im thinking?" Mira asked "if you are thinking that the device i saw in my vision is how they are gonna steal the gifts then yes, yes i am" you agreed "then how are we going to stop them?" She looked distressed"i might have an idea"

Time skip

"No- nope noopeeeeee" they both said "why not?"  "Why not? Ok lets say that one mire time kid" bruno grabbed your shoulders and started shaking you as he wishper shouted "you are not going to distract them until we find a way to dystroy those things! And even if you did! You were nit going to have them chase you away!" "Ehy it's a good plan tho" Dolores walked in "it could work yes , but it's very dangerous and Camilo will go nuts" you sigh "do you have a better idea?" They just looked at eachother "then its settled, let's do this"

Quick plan explenation
So basiclly you were going to have them chase you away from encanto until the others found out how to get to the devices and dystroy them

"Ok guys... once im gone you explain the plan to everyone so they won't stop me ok?" They nodded "j-ust be careful" Dolores hugged you "i will" then you run to one of the men and told him that you lnew about there plan and that you had all the gifts in a joking yet seirious way, he started chasing you as he talked to everyone els through some kind of device 'dumbasses actually left their bags' you laughed as you run oit of the town with god knows how meny of them behind you.

Dolores' POV

"WHAT? AND YOU LET THEM?" maria screamed at us "look i know its bad but it is the only way- now if they die-" camilo stood up" THEY WON'T!" he looked really mad "i said IF they die do you want that to go to waste or do you want to go get those things?" No one talked "thats what i though" me camilo and mirabel were going to find the place they stayd in when camilo stopped "wait-couldn't they just stop time.. and find everything?" My eyes widen 'im so dumb' we took of running back to casita and we saw bruno pepa and julieta doing the same then everyone els followed "guess they had the same idea"

"HOW DID WE NOT THINK OF THAT" tía julieta was pacing, bruno was on the couch blaming himself rocking back and forth hugging his knees papá was trying to calm down mamá, tío Augustin was also pacing, mirabel and maria were trying to calm a crying Antonio and Diego, Mateo looked ready to punch a wall, nvm he did, abuela was trying to fhink of a way to get you back, and camilo was crying, i mean, crying, and he was really mad, "MAYBE IF YOU GUYS TOLD ME!" "camilo, calm down" "NO DOLORES I WILL NOT CALM DOWN!" my ears started to hurt "WILL YOU ALL PLEASE CALM DOWN MY EARS HURT!" silence, i let out a breath "thanks, Anyways how are we gonna tell her that she can stop time, and plus, she alredy told them didn't she? " everyone nodded "then.. she can't be seen with us anymore and-" everything went black...


You were on the ground panting 'how did i not think of this before' he though looking at the frozen men, with a sigh you got up and walked back to Encanto, you walked through the crowds of ppl looking for a clue when, you spotted lne if the men, he looked like he was struggling to move some bags "idiots" you laughed to yourself as you opened the bags to find some type of weird looking,circle shaped, devices "Bingo" you grabbed the bags and took your sweet time taking them to the casita.

Once you got inside everyone looked, worried, scared or angry, expecially camilo, he seemed to be all of the above. You placed the bags in the middle if the room and snapped your fingers, everyone around you blinked rapidly "wha- Y/N" said camilo "hi- WHOA" you were cut off with him running to hug you almost pushing you down "don't you EVER do that again, you hear me?" You hugged him back tightly "will do", everyone slowly joined in the hug.

After a good 20 seconds you pulled away, "i gotta admit if it wasn't for your gift then it would have been a good plan" maria stated erning a alap upside the head from mateo. You looked over at bruno "cmere" he hugged you, "sorry kid" you let go and grabbed a newspaper  and slaped his head "dont.*slap* apologise. *slap* for.*slap* something. *slap* that. *slap*. Is not your fault" he laughed rubbing his head "alright".

Julieta gave you an arepa "eat" you laughed and took a bite "thanks" she nodded, once you finished eating you grabbed camilo and walked to his room "you ok?" You asked his once the door was closed "yea im fine, i should be asking you that if anything" you nodded "still" you said running your finger under his eye and resting your hand on his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned into your hand "i'm fine i promise" he wishpered before hugging you and resting his head on your shoulder "te amo, mi amor" your eyes went wide as you hugged him tighter and wishpered to him "
yo también te amo"(i love you too) (i imagend this as one of those dramatic ass anime scenes with the white blurry backround and slowmo if yk what i mean lmao help) he let go and looked at you smiling, you smiled back "your very touchy you know" his eyes widen "i-im sorry i didn't-" you cut him off with a kiss "i am not complaining" he calmed down "you scared me" "sorry, mi amor" you kissed him again but the time he kissed back. *click* "adorable" "MAMÁ" you looked at pepa with a camera on her hand and litterly EVERYONE behind her, you shooked your head and looked at Dolores "Dolores, i swear to god-" you laughed, everyone els joining in.

You were finally happy again.

A/n hi sooo im gonna me 1-2 fluff chapter(s) then one for the next gen and that will be it- i gotta start on the last of aus book so ye lysm <3

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