next gen

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I am so sorry i haven't updated in a while but i lost motivation and i am really tired all the time BUT im back and right after this is uploded i'll be working on the next camilo story wich will hopefully be better and have less typos😭 also if you don't like next gen you don't have to tead this it's not that important.

It's been, well, a couple years and well, felix, pepa, agustin and julieta are now grandparents, abuela kicked the bucket, mirabel is running things here, now let's meet everyone.

"Olive, Juaqim!" Camilo called your twins down "i still dom't understand why you chose the name Juaqim" you said cooking "because i could". They both came running down the stairs "Yea?" Camilo picked them both up "how are you two going with your new gifts?" You asked olivia could make things vanish and Juaqim could walk on any surfacel even walls

"Olivia keeps making my toys disapear" he pouted "Yea! Because you keep walking on my room's wall" she defended "how about you two go play with sky? Im sur eboth her and aunt luisa will be happy to see you"camilo suggested "Are aunt mirabel, isabela and dolores there too?" You sat next to them "yup im sure they are".

Sorry it's so short i had no idea what to write but anyways, as i said alredy working on the next story, Hope you liked it ly all BYE ! <3

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