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Kylie's P.O.V

"............You really want me?" I asked staring into his beautiful brown eyes that were filled with lust.

"So badly." He said bitting his lip.

I made my decision. I smirked to my self as Justin smirked as well but I was doing it for a different reason.

"Well to bad." I smiled.

Justin looked at me with a confused face. He opened his mouth but before he could said something I pushed him off and fixed my dress.

"Baby what's wrong?" Justin whined as he rubbed his temples.

I smiled. He doesn't like being rejected. Maybe he should have thought about that yesterday when he went to go dance with another girl.

I leaned in towards his ear. "I'm going to make you beg for it." I whispered before kissing his earlobe. He shivered as I made contact. I smirked and turned around and walked right out his office.

Step one complete..........


Sorry it was soooo short. I'm just running out of ideas but I'm still trying to update often *girl I do this often, often-* anyways lol please message me if you have any good ideas you want me to include.

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