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Kylie's 's P.O.V

I ran threw the lobby filled with men dressed in business suites and women dressed in dresses.

I ran towards the elevator as its doors were shutting slowly.

"Hold it please!" I yelled at some young women with blond hair, who was standing in the elevator.

She smirked and shook her head as she waved while the doors shut before I could reach it.

I stopped looking around. "Shit."

I was officially going to be late for my interview here at Bieber Co. And its all because of some self center blonde.

I waited for another elevator looking at my watch as the hand struck 11:23.

Two minutes left.

My head snapped as I heard an elevator door open. I rushed through bodies and finally made it in. I pressed the 60 button and waited as the elevator moved up.

The door opened and I rushed out and ran towards the front desk.

"Excuse me im here to have my 11:25 interview with uh Mr. Bieber." I stated quickly.

The brunette quickly typed in the computer before looking up.

"Its 11:26. Sorry your late, come back mmm next month." She said with an attitude.

I gasped shocked she just turned me down for being late by one minute. I really need this job, and I wasn't gonna let her ruin that.

"Okay I understand." I fake smiled.

"Uh by any chance is there a bathroom here?" I asked politely.

"Down the hall to the right." She said without looking up from her nails.

I nodded and walked towards the bathroom and when she wasn't looking I walked to Mr. Biebers office and knocked.

"Come in." I heard a voice from inside call.

I opened the door and walked in, closing it behind me.

"Im here for my interview." I stated sitting down infront of the sexy business man who was named Justin Drew Bieber.

"Ah but your late, so therefore you have to com-"

"Please please don't tell me to come back later because I won't leave until I get my interview!" I snapped.

"Excuse me." Mr.Bieber snapped standing up from his desk, putting two hands on his desk leaning forward.

" sorry s-sir." I apologized nervously.

"Don't talk back to me like that understand?" He growled.

It was frightening yet a total turn on. I shouldn't be thinking this on the first day of meeting my future boss or even thinking it at all.

I nodded, lost at words.

He grew angery "Say it." he demanded.

"Uh y-yes Mr. Bieber." I spoke with a shaky voice.

"Thats better Miss Jenner. Now leave." He demanded with anger.

Wow is everyone in this building an asshole. I really needed this job and now its gone.

"Fine and wouldn't want to spend another minute in the same room!" I snapped turning around and walking towards the door.

I reached for the knob and pulled the door open for it to be shut again by another hand.

I froze in place as I felt a hot breath hitting my neck.

"Your dress is a little too short for a choice of clothing for an interview, don't you think?" He whispered seductively.

"All my dresses are like this." I replied not moving.

He pushed his body closer to me, making his lower half press against my butt.

Feeling this he hissed lowly in my ear as he gripped my hips tightly with his big hands.

"Mr. Bieber wh-"

"You got the job." He whispered as he pressed his body closer if it was possible.

"But its strictly business." He whispered biting my ear and pinching my butt before taking his hands off and backing away.

He opened the door. "Tomorrow. 8 o'clock sharp." he said before pushing me out of his office and shutting the door.

"What the hell." I whispered shaking my head as I walked away from his office door.

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