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Kylie's  P.O.V

I harshly bit my lip and bounced my leg as my heel made a clink sound once it hit the floor.

I was extremely nervous. If Mr.Bieber found out I'd be fire in a heart beat. I need to find this mystery girl and find out what they 'discussed' in his office.

If she knows I hope she doesn't open her mouth. Most importantly how would I explain to Mr.Bieber?


I slowly picked up the phone with my sweaty palms.

"J-Jenner speaking." I said nervously.

Please please please don't be Mr.

"Mr.Bieber speaking. Come to my office asap." he spoke chuckling as he mocked me.

This was bad. He wanted to talk.

"R-Right away s-sir." I said before handing up.

"God please be with me." I whispered as I exited my office making my come face to face with Mr.Bieber's office.

I gulped turning the knob, entering as I see Mr.Bieber sitting at his desk watching me with a grin.

"Please. Take a seat." He said motioning towards the chairs infront of his desk.

I nodded before closing the door and sitting infront of Mr.Bieber.

"What is it you wanted me for?" I asked looking at my hands with currently laid on my lap.

I am super nervous. What did he wanted? Most importantly does he know?

"Its almost lunch so would you like to company me to lunch?" he asked.

I looked up seeing him smile widely awaiting for my answer.

I have to admit his smiles are breath taking. No wonder every girl drooled over his fashion shows which he held.

"Im very bus-" I was cut off by Mr.Bieber speaking.

"Okay its a date. Let me finish up here then I'll go get you so we can leave." He smiled before going back to his computer.

Date? Date? I couldn't possibly have a date with my boss? It'd be unprofessional. But maybe he did know my secret and didn't care but wanted to eat lunch and maybe if I reject his offer he'd fire me on the spot.

"Okay....." I mumbled getting up and quickly making my way towards the door.

I opened the door.

"And Miss Jenner."

I turned seeing him licking his soft dreaming plump kissable li- STOP KYLIE!


"Your dress." He smirked pointing with long finger.

I looked down and saw my dress we up high and was just inches INCHES away from showing my 'stuff'.

I quickly pulled it down." Thanks for........... speaking up." I said embarrassed.

"My pleasure." he winked.

I rolled my eyes and walked out shutting the door behind me.

I turned and walked into my office. I sat down in my chair opening my laptop.

I stared at the screen. If only I'd would have read it earlier I would have known her name...

"Hey Kylie." I closed my laptop quickly and saw Chris walking in my office closing the door behind him.

"Hey Chris you, you look tired." I said examining his tired face expression.

"Sorry I don't look fabulous, unlike you I was here working since four in the morning and still working." he said yawning.

Wow. Mr.Bieber sure does keep everyone busy...WAIT! If Chris was here earlier than me, maybe he saw the girl in my office using my laptop!

"Uhm hey Chris have you seen anyo-"

Then the door opened revealing Mr.Bieber.

"Im all finished, shall we go?" he smiled.

Shit. I was just getting to the bottom of this mess.

I faked smiled.

"Sure, uh Chris we'll talk later."

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