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Kylie's 's P.O.V

I watched as Justin sweeped away the blond female and pulled her body close to him.

My head snapped beside me when I hear a low angry growl. Ryan stared ahead with pure hatred. I turned back towards Justin and saw Makayla grinding on him as he gripped her hips, moving to the song with her.

Then the jealously in me snapped.

What I am I even doing here, I knew to never get your hopes up. I mean how could I believe that me and my boss could actually have something?

So I picked whatever strength left in me and turned my heels and walked away from my boss.


"Please Kylie, talk to me." Chris begged over the phone.

After I left the fancy club I went home and took a shower and told Chris everything.

"I-I mean I was stupid to ever think we could actually be together." I sighed as I dug my face into the soft cloud we call, pillows.

"No your not. You were just caught in the spell ever girl is when they mess with Mr. Bieber." He spoke with care.

"I guess. Now I don't even want to go to work Chris." Then I remembered........I'm his personal assistant.

The line was silent. Then a gasped escaped Chris's lips.

"What?" I asked wanting the subject to fade away.

"Okay so Mr.Bieber is a man who always gets what he wants right?" He asked excited.

I answered 'I guess' wanting to see were this idea was going.

"Okay so tomorrow I'm going to come over and give you a diva makeover." He squealed.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"A div-"

"Okay I gotta go but be up by 7:00. Trust me on this one." Chris blurted ouy before the line went dead.

I sighed and locked my phone, laying it beside me.

"A diva makeover......."

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