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Kylie's s P.O.V

"Chris I feel like a slut." I whined as we parked.

I was nervous. Chris got me all dressed up but we haven't went over the plan. I was dress in a black dress (in picture above) with red 6 inch heels.

"That's because you look sexy." He winked as we both sat in the car.

I sighed. "Okay, now what's the plan?"

Chris smiled evilly. "Okay go do whatever ever he says. Soon he will give into his temptations and then play along. But once you have the sucker wrapped around your finger. Reject his ass."

It was actually a good plan, but there's one problem. I can't act sexy. I'll get nervous a mess the whole plan up.

"I'm nervous Chris." I confessed as we started walking into the building.

Then Chris stopped. "Just remember what happened yesterday. Get pay back."

I nodded. Justin's gonna regret he ditched me yesterday.

"Good luck Kylie." Then Chris left as I took the elevator up to our floor. Oh shit I forgot to ask Chris about who was in my office.


Justin hasn't seen me yet. I went straight to my office and his door was closed so there was no way of him seeing me.

Then my nerves kicked in when I hear the door knob twist. The door opened and Justin popped his head in.

"My office. Now." He stated before closing it with a bit force.

I rolled my eyes. "You could have just left it opened."

I stood up and walked out after opening the door and went into Justin's office, closing it behind me.

"Come here." Justin said rubbing his temples, looking frustrated.

I walked towards his desk as the heels make a clicking noise.

"Why are you wearing that?" He asked angry.

I was taken back at first but then I remembered Chris's words.

"Cause I can. You don't own me." I said putting my hand on my hip.

He stood up quickly and came walking around his desk.

My first instant was to head for the door, so I did. But before I could reach it, he forced me up against the wall.

My back hit the wall causing me to moan, then Justin pushed himself against me.

"I don't like you showing other men your body." He whispered has he traced the inside of my thigh.

I grip his shoulder and pulled his head closer to me, then placed my lips close to his ear.

"But I'm not yours." I smirked as he groaned.

"But I want you, so bad." He moan as he rubbed he hand up and down my inner thigh.

I was getting nervous, yet I loved the feeling.

"Please let me have you?" He asked sexually.

This is what I wanted yesterday. His attention. But now that I have it do I want it?

I thought for a moment, then I opened my mouth.


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