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Kylie's P.O.V

Standing at the front desk was a gorgeous blond. Her expensive heels adding to height making her legs look like model legs.

"A little competition, im not afraid." I smiled at Chris who still had a worried face.

"That's no competition." He blurted out. "I should go!"

Chris ran away heading to his office. Leaving me to watch the women as she passed me and entered Justin's office.

"Honey I have wonderful news to tell you. Im ...."

Then the door was shut by the mystery women. What the fuck is going on. I turned around and yet again I bump into another person.

"Kylie." The blonde I hated squealed.

How did she even know my name, I didnt even know hers.

"Hi, umm..." I stopped half ways not knowing what to call her.

"Oh im sorry. Im Ashley, anyways im sure you met Mandy right ?" She fake smiled.

I was confused. Who's Mandy and why all of a sudden does she start talking to me.

"Mandy? Doesn't ring a bell." I said looking around the office, scanning for Justin.

"Oh well she's that beautiful lady who walked in. " she said pointing towards Justin's office.

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Is she anyone important?" I asked hoping she'd say no.

She gasped putting a hand over her heart. "Shes Mr.Bieber's ex wife, shes delivering the news of her pregnancy." She smiled.


Justin didn't tell me about any of this! Nor did he tell me he fucked his ex wife and that their having a baby !!!!!

"Well it was nice chatting with you." She laughed walking back towards the front desk as I was left speechless.

I fell for a man who's having a baby with his ex wife ! How can my life get anymore worse. My head turned as I heard Justin's office door open. There was Justin and Mandy. My heart started beating fast as mine and Justin's eyes made contact.

I ripped away from the gaze and walked out of the building. How could I let this happen.

I was growing feelings for Justin that I wasn't supposed to have.

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