Sprousehart Instagram by floralbughead
Sprousehart Instagramby floralbughead
{COMPLETED} A story told by Instagram posts and group chats.
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The Bad Boy Dare by 37Chonces
The Bad Boy Dareby Daniela
Cover Credit to @Botface "Wanna play truth or dare?" Dulce and Sam asked. "No" I said. "Aww come on Paris." said Sam. "No" I said...
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Games ~ (Dilmer)  by Lovatic-02
Games ~ (Dilmer) by Tina 🔥
Be carefull when you play this games
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Everybody Hates Rebecca Black ( messages) -HB/ RB ( Drama/Sad)   by janevvee
Everybody Hates Rebecca Black ( janevee
Sorry for me changing the title and the description. This title & the story description isnt available now .
  • rebeccablack
  • lizakoshy
  • kendalljenner
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Celebrity Burn Book <1>  by kngurie
Celebrity Burn Book by s
Get your oven mits, this is gonna be a hot one.
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Daddy's Princess  by collinerz_family
Daddy's Princess by jariana
belen Marie jones gets pregnant at age 14. she didn't tell geo because she thought he wouldn't take care of it. Belen ran away and never came back. Ashley bell Roman Jon...
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(ÜNLÜLER TEXTING) by WildestDreams130
(ÜNLÜLER TEXTING)by Real_Pikachu_13
Bu kitapta Yabancı ünlüleri türk yapacağız. Bakalım yabancı ünlüler türk olsaydı nasıl WhatsApp konuşması yapacaklardı ? Öğrenmek için okumanız yeterli ! Başlangıç Tarih...
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His best friend// j.b by hahajelena
His best friend// j.bby revivauhl
"Bro, she's just my best friend, I'd never date her." - "Your funny, I would never date him. You're crazy! He's my best friend and that's it." Sho...
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Falling Down © | 3ª Temporada by kevrdgz
Falling Down © | 3ª Temporadaby KEVIN RODRÍGUEZ
Comienza un nuevo curso para Sarah y su primer amor no hay comenzado muy bien. Su miedo a los besos y su vergüenza a las citas han hecho que Molly; su mejor amiga se vea...
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The Nerd and Me by jnelly21
The Nerd and Meby J
Claire Reynolds is your average popular high school Senior. She is dating the captain of the football and basketball team, 'top dog' of Polk High School, and has the mo...
  • romance
  • romantic
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December © by kevrdgz
Xiomara es una joven risueña y espontánea que siempre ha tenido un serio problema con el amor. Todo lo asemeja al sexo. Es por lógica según ella. Siempre ha sabido que e...
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When You Look Me In the Eyes (Nick & Demi) (Nemi) by _JerryDevonne
When You Look Me In the Eyes ( _JerryDevonne
{Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato} How about being the best friend of the most wanted guy in school? "I can't take a day without you here You're the light that makes my dar...
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Falling Down © | 2ª Temporada by kevrdgz
Falling Down © | 2ª Temporadaby KEVIN RODRÍGUEZ
Comienza un nuevo curso para Sarah y su primer amor no hay comenzado muy bien. Su miedo a los besos y su vergüenza a las citas han hecho que Molly; su mejor amiga se vea...
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Hot or Not by p0w3rfu1_0n3
Hot or Notby Bella-Donna
Comment if you think the celeb is hot or not!!
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Being Famous by evonye
Being Famousby Katerina
Book:one Book Two: Being Me (unpublished) Famous Skyler Angelina Valentine-Stone is famous for her acting, modeling, singing, and being a YouTuber. She's known as...
  • romance
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Hero by Adorablyimperfect
Heroby Mrs. Propps
Selena Marie Gomez has been dating Abel since they were in high school...once they graduated everything changed...he changed. He started abusing her and drinking...he br...
  • hero
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An Unknown Act by sundayswithgale
An Unknown Actby sundayswithgale
There's definitely something between them. More than just friendship. Who will be the one finding themselves falling for the other? And will it be to late to admit their...
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Wygrałaś || Justin Bieber by Confid3nt
Wygrałaś || Justin Bieberby Confid3nt
Mówią, że w świecie nielegalnych wyścigów, nigdy nie było miejsca dla kobiety. Jednak wszystko można zmienić. Szkoda tylko, że nie na zawsze, bo jeśli coś ci się udaje...
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A Niley Story:  The Kids of the Future by Niley4Ever101
A Niley Story: The Kids of the LK_OG_Niley
Sequel to Our Future, the name is sort of as it suggests. This story is set 4 months later and Miley and Nick are very happy. Miley finds she is carrying a child earli...
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Ünlüler | Grup Texting by dogagaliba
Ünlüler | Grup Textingby doğa.
Saçma bir hikaye oldu ama texting yazmayı seviyorum. Bu yüzdeeeen HADİ EĞLENELİİİİM
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