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Kylie's 's P.O.V

I stepped into the fancy looking club. I was honestly scared. I feel like I don't belong.

I was also glad I dressed appreciate for this evening.  I wore a red dress and silver heels to match it. The dress was gorgeous.

( in picture above )

My head turned and scanned the huge place but failed when I didn't see one person I know. I sighed and walked straight to the bar.

"Maybe if I drink, it wouldn't be that bad " I mumbled walking past everyone.

I walked up "Three shots of vodka. " I ordered while sitting down.

I waited until he came back with three small glasses. I grabbed one glass swinging it into my mouth, drinking it all. After the burning sensation went away I took another one.

"Woah baby slow down." Mr Bieber said appearing beside me.

My eyes popped out of my head. He looked dreamy tonight.  Damn I shouldn't be feeling this way. But after our 'date' something changed. And I don't know anymore.

"Sorry " I blushed lowering my head.

"Babe, don't worry. Your beautiful....."

He trailed he's finger softly down the side of my arm and leaned in close towards my ear.

"And sexy." He whispered,  not wanting others to hear his inappropriate words.

Goosebumps filled my arm as he backed away and smirked. He took my third glass drinking it before some man came and stood beside him.

"Justin, it's nice to see you here."

I watched the young man speak as Justin tensed up. He jawline showing much more.

"Ryan." He said gazing at the boy then to the blond female wrapped around his arm.

"Oh yeah Justin, you know Makayla right? " Ryan smirk as Makayla's eyes slithered over Justin's body.

"Ryan, I need to talk to you." Justin stated firmly.

"Of course buddy." Ryan smiled before telling Makayla he'd be back, leaving with Justin.

I sat there, awkwardly.  I hate when I'm left alone with people I just met. My eyes scanned everything and everyone but her, until she spoke up.

"So your Justin's new girlfriend?" She asked staring at me with .....jealousy?

I blushed just thinking about being his girlfriend.

"No." I frowned. 'I wish though'.

"Good." She spat out before Justin came back with Ryan.

" Finally, can w-"

Then Justin cut me off.

"Come on Makayla, let's go dance." Justin said before pulling Makayla towards the dance floor.

My heart clenched. What's just happened?

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