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Kylie's 's P.O.V


"Please, call me Justin." He whispered.

This is so not me. I mean im not a slut to sleep with my boss on my first day! Thats blonde's job!!!

Soon we were interupted by a knock on the door, before I could stop him again.

"Mr.Bieber your presence is requested in a meeting!" A woman yelled.

"Okay i'll be there!" Mr.Bieber shouted before turning his full attention on me.

I shifted clearly not comfortable in the situation im in at the moment.

"This shouldn't continue to go any further." He said before leaving his office shutting the door leaving me confused.

He always comes on to me then says it shouldn't happen. This relationship - or what ever the hell it is, is totally driving me crazy with confusion!

I quickly fixed my dress before making my way back to my office and gathering my belongings to go home.

I finished all my things to do so I might as well go home.

I walked out the building and drove home things about the sudden current events.

Short Chaptie

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