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Kylie's 's P.O.V

"It was amazing Chris." I sighed laying my head down on my desk.

I had just came back from the lunch 'date' with Mr. Bieber well Justin and it was amazing.

"What? So then why are you upset?" he asked curiously.

"He was too nice and caring, things he shouldn't be. Somethings not right Chris." I huffed pulling my hair.

Our 'date' was so perfect. We ate and talked. He was super sweet the entire time and he is actually a very good listener. Overall he was amazing. But its to good to be true, somethings up.

"Really, why can't you face the fact Just-Mr.Bieber is perfect and your falling for him." he smirked.

"No, maybe, ugh I don't know." I said defeated.

"Told ya."

Maybe Chris was right. Maybe Justin well Mr.Bieber wasn't so bad after all. Maybe he was the sweet and caring guy I had a date with. Maybe I was falling for him.


I finished my work on my laptop. I leaned back in my chair and one thing crawled back in my mind ...........does he know?

Then a sudden knock scared me out of my thoughts.

"Come in." I said sitting up straight.

And in entered, Mr.Bieber. He smiled as he closed the door behind him and sat infront of me.

"So I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to a business party?" He asked smiling at me with those dreamy eyes.

I smiled but instantly frowned. He is my boss. I'm gonna be that stupid girl who has deals of her boss. I'm so stupid. But then again he did say business party and I'm his assistant so...

"Sure, when is it?" I asked closing my laptop and setting the folders into my bag.

"Tonight. " He said standing up.

I nodded. "Text me the address and I'll meet you there." I said finishing packing.

"Okay. Goodbye until tonight? " he smiled as he held the door for me as I walked out.

I nodded once more before he disappeared into his office.

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