Intro 2 (Revised)

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Continuation of Dallas Diary.

I am following her. I can no longer contain myself. So, I wanted to give a try. I told her we can start dating and do it slowly. She looks so happy and so I am. Even how much I deny it. I truly love her more than my self.

I admit, dating her is amazing, but a problem comes. One of my private case is getting back on me. I keep on receiving threats and what I am anxious about is they sent me a picture of Mazee.

I cannot tell her. The more she knew, it will involve her. I should protect her and make her leave. But she doesn't want to. Those people needs to know that I do not care about her. I feel so stressed and missed her. I want to be with her. But I cannot risk her safety. I wanted to make her feel that I love her. I hope she will understand my message for the last time.

I took her to the best hotel. To make her feel special, give her everything and give her all of me. I was so scared, I really dont know what to do if she will get involved in this case. A case that is so important to me to avenge my mom. She is so happy. My Mazee is really amazing. The whole day we made love is extremely magical. I will never forget this. (special chapter) she is a fast learner and i really went crazy. I savor every moment as if it was my last. I am also scared that this case might end my life. I can die, but I don't want Mazee to get hurt because of me. I can't... I love her.

But, i needed them (syndicate) to see that she is nothing. I was in the bar one night drinking as I am so stressed of the threats. I don't know how to chase Mazee away. for her to go back to her country. I just can't do anything. I was so reckless. I shouldn't have opened to her. Now, its all a mess.

There were times that I wanted to run away, to run away with her. Go and hide in her country or go back in Sweden. Just to live with her, thinking about nothing. 

But, I promised my mom, I will avenged her death. I promised my friend to help her. I promised that I will save all the victims and avenged them.

This should've stopped. But, I am risking my life, Zyndria's life. Mine and Her happiness. 

Now I can no longer think straight at all.

Until someone approached me in the bar. I was too drunk then. I saw her.. the love of my life, Mazee. We kissed as if there was no tomorrow and we end up in a hotel room.

I woke up and my head hurts as hell. I look on the woman beside me, it was not her. I cursed silently.

"Hey, you're awake." the girl muttered as she get up. "Aren't you going to call me, Zyndria?" she chuckled.

"Look, it was just an accident."

"I know, don't worry. I was just a one night stand." she laughed as she doesn't care. I grabbed my clothes and someone know on the door. I was about to leave, and opened the door. I got astounded as I look at her. She looks like she was about to cry, but hatred showed in her face as she saw me in this state.

Then, an idea burst in my mind. Maybe, this will made her furious and to leave me. 

"förlåt mig min kärlek" I uttered hopelessly as I know I will be hurting her distressingly.

"Tell me, I am just dreaming." She sounded pleading. It was excruciating. But, I need to be tough. It is now or never.

"What are you doing here?" I asked sounded that I don't care. She look betrayed, I want to hug her. Asked for forgiveness, however, I already did a huge mistake.

"Honey, I am done." the woman said behind me. "Oh, whos she?" she then asked.

"Nobody, just my secretary." I answered and grabbed her on her waste. She looked at me amused while Mazee was in despair.

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