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Try lang!

Ayaw ko kayo paasahin. Penge muna akong journal kit! Gagawin ko to promise. Washi stickers, ephemera stickers at puncher hahaha!

Book 2 ba kamo?

Depende sa mood ko.

Pero tandaan nyo, mas sasaktan ko kayo dahil masaya akong masaktan kayo.


That moment when you are trying to heal, but it is just getting worst.

Where you cannot find peace at all. You felt messed up and more devastated. Thinking that love isn't real. But, it seems you are craving for it.

Yeah, I know the truth. But, why can't I move forward. I feel empty and missing. Even, how much I put my whole self at work, I feel like I am still in a blank space.

What do I really want? What will make me happy and be at peace?



Not everything will be in our favor. People change, feelings change. I regret my decisions, I made her different. I cannot blame her, I hurt her a lot just to made her stay away from me. For her not to get in danger. But, I was wrong. The pain I brought to her made her lost and different. But, I love her and she will always be the one.

It is not hard to find someone else. But, my thoughts are filled with every inch of her. The only person who showed me the real love. I hope I can win her back. Yet, I am losing hope. So maybe, we are not really meant to be. Better yet, friends maybe?

I hope one day, she come rushing at my door in favor. And, I swear that I will do possible options for her to be mine again. Whatever it takes.

For now, I'll try to lielow. Made her realize my worth and the only one she needs afterall.

But, if it will not meant to be. I will let her go. If she finds her happiness without me, I will accept it. After all, it is me who made her like this.


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