Chapter 5

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I grab the black pumps and slip them on. What was I thinking when I accepted these? Oh that's right, I was trying to be daring like other women.

I try to walk but I wobble, forcing myself to lean against the wall for support.

"This is a very bad idea, Vi."

I should just go back to my converse shoes. I walk over to the mirror stand and straighten my outfit.

I look like a business woman. Not too bad, except it's highly uncomfortable.

I continue to grab the wall as I walk over to the kitchen bench to grab my keys and head downstairs.


I look up at the sign that states 'Anderson's Corporation.'

It's much more intimidating now that I've got the job as opposed to the other day when I was just here for an interview.

When I walk in, the receptionist walks up to me and informs me that Sam is waiting for me in his office.

I get in the elevator and take a deep breath. This is really happening. I shake my legs and arms to release tension just as the doors open and two men wait. They stare at me until I realise i must look weird just shaking my arms and legs about. When I stop they get in.

When the right level comes around I quickly walk out. I've already embarrassed myself. Just as I continue to fasten my pace, my leg nearly gives way forcing me grab onto the wall. There isn't anyone here except a lady who by the looks of it didn't notice my almost falling attempt. I take a deep breath and walk slowly, still leaning on the wall for support because I can't walk in these pumps.

When I get to Sam's office, I knock gently. Three times.

"Come in" Sam says. I gently twist the door knob and walk in. My hand on the door knob for support.

Sam Anderson looks up and smirks. "That's different" he says.


"Your clothes, Miss Jones."

"Oh I see... Well I promised I would dress accordingly had I got the job."

"I know but I have to say, I think I liked you better with a cardigan and a pair of converse."

I swallow. My mouth feels dry. "Take a seat."

I walk over to the chair, trying my best to balance. I look up to notice Sam watching me carefully.

"You can take your shoes off so you can get to the chair quicker."

I look up at him and he's smiling. Was he mocking me? I can't just take my shoes off.

I sit down quietly.

He points at the room next door. "You see that room, the one on the other side of the glass panel. That is your room. You are my P.A so its only fair to work in the room next to mine. You'll never know when I'll need you."

I nod trying not to blush. "I'll show you the room in just a minute."

He stands up and picks up a folder to hand to me. "When you go to your desk, you'll need to ring everyone in this folder and tell them what I have written, understood?"

"Yes Sir."

"Okay well let's go and show you to your desk."

I get up and hold on to his desk for support. Small and steady steps Vi.

Sam stretches his hand out for me. "Grab it so you don't fall."

I grab his hand as he helps me walk over to the room next door. "This is where you'll be working. Your office in other terms."

He walks me over to the chair before he lets go. "You have some work to do. After that come into my office and I'll instruct you on what I need done next."

I nod. "Okay sir" I say nervously. I look down at my feet. It's aching.

Sam walks over to the door before he looks back at me one final time and then pulls the door shut as he leaves. I look to my right and I can see his office through the glass panel. Our offices are joined together.

I see him enter and immediately get to work, so I open the folder and start dialling numbers.

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