Chapter 35

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That night Sam and I share the same bed. We don't do anything but just lay in it with a few kisses here and there, and then eventually fall asleep.


When I open my eyes, I notice Sam is sitting on the edge of the bed watching me as if waiting for me to wake up. He has a document in his hand.

My hear skips a beat because I can tell it's the contract we made. I almost have a panic attack like he's going to throw it in my face and tell me that I'm just a game for him and he's using me but somehow over the past few days I've seen a side of him I hadn't seen before and therefore trust he won't do that.

I watch him as he slowly eases his way closer. He holds the document up. "Remember this?"

My throat catches. I nod. I hope I don't get played with.

"Well, it's stupid to still have it lying around. There's no need for it." He suddenly rips it in half and then rips it again.

A small smile crawls on to my face and I try to hide it.

He leans in and gives me a quick peck on the lips and then quietly whispers "I love you, dammit."

My smile grows wider. That's our thing. I can't imagine us saying those words any other way. So I lean closer to him and whisper back "I also want to say that I love you, dammit."

Sam laughs. "That's our thing."

I smile because that's exactly what I think.

I get off the bed and quickly run into the shower, today is the day Sam's family is leaving and I want to look the part.

When I get out of the shower I notice I've forgotten my clothes and towel in the bedroom. Slowly peeking my head through the door, I look around to see if anyone is in the bedroom.

Noticing no one, I open the door a little bit more and then immediately slam it shut as I notice Sam walking into the bedroom.

"Don't worry, I didn't see you naked."

"I need my towel and clothes, can you pass it to me."

I wait patiently but Sam doesn't say a word so I open the door just enough to peek through the door. I notice him sitting on the bed with a smug look.

"If you want it, come and get it yourself," he says.

I watch him carefully. He looks far too happy and pleased with himself. I slam the door and lean against it.

There's only a hand towel, that's nowhere near enough. That's when I notice one of Sam's white button-up shirts that he usually wears to the office on a coat hanger.

Since he thinks he's funny, maybe I'll be funny too and wear his shirt. I grab it off the coat hanger and put it on noticing my hair immediately wetting the shirt.

The shirt comes up mid thigh but that doesn't bother me. I open the door confidently and strut out.

From the corner of my eye I watch Sam, his mouth wide open. As I walk over to the bed to grab my towel and clothes, Sam immediately snatches it up into his hands.

"No way are you getting this."

"Oh come on, Sam. Give it back."

"Did I tell you that you look cute in my shirt. You should wear it often." He winks before adding "damn girl, look at those legs."

I blush even though I know he's just playing with me. "Sam, give me my clothes."

At that, Sam walks closer forcing me to walk backwards. He fastens his step and I fasten mine.

As I take another step back, I slam against the wall and realise there's nowhere to go.

Sam leans in, putting his hands on the top button. "I'll give you your clothes if you give mine."

"Deal," I say.

He smiles. "You still haven't learnt to not make deals with me, you'll never learn. I need my shirt now."

His hand reach to undo the top button.

"No way, Sam."

He laughs. "You said deal, you should've thought of it."

He unbuttons the first button when suddenly a cough catches our attention. Sam turns around and I look over his shoulders to notice Daniel standing there.

"Oh my, did I get in the way of the two lovebirds," Daniel says.

I push Sam a little back. "No not at all, did you need anything?"

Daniel giggles. "No I didn't," he says smiling. He places a hand over his eyes and backs away slowly while saying "I didn't see anything."

I turn back to face Sam. "That was awkward."

Sam laughs. "It's all good, when it comes to things like this my family is especially understanding." He looks me up and down. "Oh yeah, where was I?"

He reaches to unbutton the second button. "Sam, be fair."

"You made a deal."

I frown. "Wipe that smirk off your face."

"Never, it's there cause I'm winning."

"Fine, but you have to unbutton it yourself."

Sam lifts an eyebrow. "Is that so, well I don't mind."

He leans in as he begins to unbutton the shirt and I let him. When he gets to the third button and I'm sure I've distracted him, I quickly slide and grab my clothes and towel and run into the bathroom.

"That's so not fair!" Sam shouts behind the door.

I lean against the door. "That's too bad, now I'm smirking. Oh and guess what, I won this deal."

"Yea you did, baby."

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