#15 No Pain, no gain

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The next day, Takemichi talked to y/n at school about what Mikey told him last night, leaving the 'Kick Kisaki out of the gang' part,"It's not going to be easy ya know. I've talked to Baji last night and let me tell you, he's not an easy guy to talk to. Most of the time. Also, congrats on getting into Toman." y/n tells him with a smile as she readjusts her bag on her shoulder.

"Well, okay. Thanks for that y/n." Takemichi says before the school bell rings for class,"See ya Takemichi!" y/n greets as she runs off. Both are unaware of a certain person stalking towards their school.

[Kisaki isn't here again. Is he going to be busy all the time now? It's kinds lonely walking alone to school.] y/n pouts as she stares at the empty seat next to her,"Well, whatever. I'll just get his work for him." she sighs before taking notes of her class, which is math.

[Kisaki where are you when I need you!? I'm not following any of these equations!] she pales with a nervous sweat as her lips twitches into an awkward smile.

School seems to pass by slowly and y/n could feel a bit of herself dying from boredom,[End my boredom already!] she thought as the last few seconds of the clock tics by before the school bell finally rings for the end of school,"Finally!" she quietly cheers as she packs up and quickly leaves her class.

But, she bumps into a chest,"Whoa, slow down there y/n. Where are you off to?" Akkun smiles down at her and y/n blushes at their close proximity,[Why? Why do I keep blushing these days around my friends?] she thought before smiling as she backs up,"Sorry Akkun, but I was in such a hurry to get out of school and go do something fun. I was so bored today~ Class was boring~" she whines and Akkun chuckles with amusement, his own cheeks pink.

"Well, me and the boys were on our way to go meet up with Takemichi. You wanna come?" he offers,"Heck yeah, because you guys are fun to be around!" y/n nods with a childlike smile,[Man, she's so cute~ It's hard to believe she's actually born into a Yakuza family.] Akkun smiles as they walk towards Takemichi's classroom, meeting up with the rest on the way there.

"Takemichi~ We have arrived~" y/n greets in a sing song voice as they walk into the classroom,"Takemichi!" Akkun greets,"Now what?" Takemichi groans,"Hehehey, we heard the news! So I guess you're officially part of Toman now, huh?" Akkun grins.

"Yeah, well..." Takemichi looks at Akkun sadly for some reason,"Hey, what's the matter? Why so bummed out?" Akkun asks with a raised brow,"Huh? Oh, a-ah, it's nothing! Hehe, I'm not really sure how it happened. It's kinda weird." Takemichi smiles awkwardly and y/n huffs a smile as she crosses her arm with a smile,"Welcome to my world."

"Heyyy! Tell us all about it." Akkun beams and Takemichi looks away with teary eyes,[Ahh~ I can't even look Akkun in the eye.] he thought as Akkun looks at him confused,"I can't believe our Crybaby is in Toman." Takuya comments.

"Man, if you're in them I wanna join up too." Yamagishi says and y/n giggles at that,"Yeah well, it's really not as great as you guys are thinking." Takemichi sighs with a smile,"Huh?" the guys hum in confusion before looking at each other and then at y/n.

"What? It's not that bad, unless you piss the wrong guy off." she waves them off and they deadpan at her,[You're not even scared to piss the wrong person off.] they thought with a sweatdrop. Remembering the time she pissed of Kiyomasa.

Soon Takemichi told them what was up and what happened last night. They were quick to find some place to sit,"I get it, so if you don't get former first division captain Baji to switch from Valhalla back to Toman, then Mikey told you he's gonna kill you." Akkun recites crossing his arms.

"Yeah, and I only have until Toman's showdown with Valhalla starts to do it." Takemichi sighs out,"And who the hell even knows when that might happen." Makoto points out,"Makoto's right, war is unpredictable." y/n nods with her own arms crossed as she stood to the side.

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