#3 Resolve

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Tension is high in the air as Takemichi and Kiyomasa stood across from each other,"This is really gonna get ugly." y/n thought out loud,"From what I've seen so far, Takemichi isn't much of a fighter. Especially since he has so many wounds and bruises on his body after only one fight." she narrates with a hand to her chin as her eye barrows in on the fight.

"You're gonna regret this." Kiyomasa says before throwing the first punch to Takemichi's gut,"Ah!" y/n gasps with alarm as Kiyomasa's goons starts to mock Takemichi, who got hit in the face,[Did I hear his bone crack!?] y/n screeches in her mind as she quickly took action and moves closer to the crowd, to the ring. Unaware that Akkun had the same idea as her with a pocket knife in hand.

While that was happening, Kiyomasa threw a roundhouse kick at Takemichi's face, a knee to the stomach and so much more punches and kicks,"Shit! Shit! Shit!" y/n curses as she trip over her foot before getting back up as Takemichi staggers on his feet.

[Now! Do it now!] she yells in her head as she readies her bat,"I'm not done..." Takemichi wheezes as blood drops from his nose and mouth,"You bastard!!" y/n yells as she ran and took a swing at Kiyomasa,"What the!? You again! Didn't I tell you I'd beat the crap outta ya if you stick your nose in my business again!?" Kiyomasa scowls at the girl as he dodges her swing.

"And I don't care!" y/n declares as the crowd mutters at the sight of her,"No, y/n..." Akkun whispers in fear for the girl's life,"Y/n, don't intervene! This is my fight! Not yours!" Takemichi yells with a glare,"Takemichi, he's gonna kill you if this keeps up!" y/n says as she held her bat out in front of her.

Kiyomasa spat his cig out with a smug expression as the crowd cheers,"Piss off, bitch!" he yells as he took a swing at y/n, who blocks the first punch with her bat, but got kicked in her side instead ,"Agh!" y/n grunts as she stumbles to the side.

Kiyomasa took this chance to start punching Takemichi again,"Leave him alone!" y/n yells, her glasses long forgotten on the ground as she hits Kiyomasa's back with her bat,"Ugh!" he grunts before turning around with a growl and took a swing to her gut,"Ah!" y/n spat out some blood before quickly recovering and took a swing to Kiyomasa's head, who affectively caught it in his hand.

But, his hand starts to bleed,"Ah crap." y/n curses as Kiyomasa smirks,"That stung." he says smugly before scowling as he punches her cheek,"Ack!" y/n falls to the ground completely as Akkun made it to the bottom of the steps while Kiyomasa kicks y/n's fallen body for a bit, making sure she's down for good before returning to fighting Takemichi.

Kiyomasa took more hard swings at Takemichi, but said boy wouldn't go down as the crowd cheers for Kiyomasa. But, they suddenly go silent as Takemichi held onto Kiyomasa,"Takemichi..." y/n squeaks out as Kiyomasa throws the boy off him, but who wouldn't go down.

"I'm... I'm not done yet..." Takemichi grins weakly,"You've done enough now Takemichi!" Yamagishi yells,"This isn't worth dying for! Y/n's already been badly hurt!" Makoto yells,"Come on, just give up before he kills you!" Takuya yells.

"I'm not done yet. Not until I've had enough... Enough to finally... Finally cure my weakass heart... Of the last twelve year!" Takemichi grins as he staggers in his feet. Y/n looks down for a bit before grinning as well as she stumbles up to her own feet, weakly gripping her bat.

"I always ran and I ran and I ran and I ran!" Takemichi says,"You've done enough Takemichi! You've shown us all how tough you are! Both of you!" Akkun yells with desperation,"Oh yeah, so what?! I have a reason why I can't! I can't turn back! So listen Kiyomasa, of the Tokyo Manji Gang. If you want to put an end to this and win this fight, then you're gonna have to kill me now." Takemichi declares, putting Kiyomasa aback.

"Go get me my bat! If he wants to die, then I'll grant his wish." Kiyomasa yells, thoroughly pissed as he grins down at Takemichi,"Hurry it up damn it!" he yells,"Not so fast!" y/n quickly stood guard in front of Takemichi,"You're not lying another hand on him! If you wanna kill him, then you're gonna have to kill me too!" she declares before grinning as well with an evil glint in her eyes,"But be warned, if you do kill me. You're gonna get killed in return and it's not by normal people." she threatens as Kiyomasa's brows twitches in annoyance at her threat.

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