Meanwhile In Another Universe #1

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While shit was going down in chapter 20, let's take a look at our fellow gangs in another universe. One where shit just happens.


"y/n, I need you to do me a favor." Yuki walks into his daughter's room one day with a clear bottle filled with strange orange liquid in hand,"Huh? What's up dad?" y/n asks as she puts her phone down, having texted her friends to come hang out today at the café.

"Zanba just stopped by and gave me his new chemical experiment. One I don't know what does what. I need you to bake it into one of your macaroon batches so I can test them later on some enemies." Yuki explains as he carefully gives the bottle to y/n.

"Geez, macaroons takes a day to make since it needs to sit overnight. Lucky, I made some yesterday for me and the guys, but I guess I can use those for you instead. I'll just incorporate this into the filling." y/n says as she studies the orange liquid, swishing it a bit.

"Thank you so much. Call me when they're done." Yuki says before kissing his daughter's forehead and leaves. Y/n smiled slightly before getting up after putting her phone on the charger. It'll be a while before her friends gets here.

The café was closed today due to it being a public holiday and her mom was out with some friends. She said something about having some girls night out.

Y/n was quick to place the vile down on her station, gets her apron and rubber gloves on,"Alright, let's see what this thing is." she mutters grabbing the macaroons from the cooling rack and sets them beside her. She quickly grabs the ingredients necessary to make the buttercream filling and starts to mix it.

After mixing all the ingredients together and taste testing the buttercream, she concluded that is was fine before staring at the vile with a wary expression,"Hopefully it won't explode and kill me. Knowing Zanba, he's crazy when it comes to his new experiments." she mutters to herself as she grabs it.

She pops it open and carefully pours the chemical mixture in, giving the buttercream an orange color. She quickly mixes it in, adding a bit more icing sugar when it became too liquidy.

It wasn't long before she transfers the fillings into a piping bag and pipes it onto the macaroons. After ten minutes of piping, y/n finally finishes and places the tray of macaroons on the cashier counter after washing her hands and putting her apron away.

"Okay, better hurry up and call dad." y/n tells herself as she goes upstairs
Unfortunately, the moment she disappears upstairs was the moment her friends arrived.

"Sweets~ We're here~" Mikey calls out with a smile as he and the other captains and vice-captains enters the café along with the Haitani brothers,"Why the hell are you guys here again?" Smiley asks them with a strained smile,"Because Tiny invited us as well." Ran says with a lazy smile as he and Rindo takes a seat in a booth.

"Where is she anyway? Normally she would be down right about now." Draken notes as his eyes scans the café,"True..." Baji mutters.

Meanwhile, with y/n,"What do you mean Zanba caused a fire again!? What did he do!?" y/n yells with panic as she hears how her father and the other Yakuza members are running around to put the fire out in the clan's complex,"Next time! Assigned him a babysitter!" y/n scolds before hanging up. Her dad has to pick up the order a but later now.

With her friends, a certain someone notices the fresh batch of macaroons,"Oh~ Looks like she left us something." Mikey's eyes beam with a smile as he walks up to the tray full of treats,"Mikey, you can't just take them. What if they're an order for a customer?" Mitsuya scolds him.

"Not possible. Y/n mentioned yesterday that they didn't have any orders to deliver today since the café is closed for the holiday." Hakkai explains as Mikey brings the tray over to everyone,"And she did mention her mom visiting some friends." Chifuyu utters as they each take a macaroon,"Ugh, if we're wrong then we're in deep shit." Draken groans as he reluctantly takes one.

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