Season 2 Love Interests Update

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Hey, I'm putting this in here as a barrier between the two seasons. I know a lot of you have been impatient and have been pestering me to update, which I do not appreciate one bit. As you all have realized, I've been busy with other books as well, so Tokyo Revengers isn't my main focus anymore.

But, here it is and here are the newer love interests. But, I must warn you all. I've read the Manga and I've seen how it ends. I'm not adding spoilers for those who don't know, but I'm going to go along with the plot and I'm not making anymore changes. Baji's going to stay as an exception, since I don't wanna change it because it actually contributed to the plot of how I wanted it to go for reader's part.

But, he will unfortunately be written out of the story, since that's how it's supposed to be. And no, he won't be killed off, but I don't want his presence to cause any hindrances to the plot. So, for the sake of the story, he will be written out.

Anyway, here's the updated Love Interests. Hope they're to all your satisfactions:

1. Izana Kurokawa {17}

2. Kakucho {???}

3. Shion Madarame {17}

4. Taiju Shiba {16}

5. Seishu Inui {16}

6. Hajime Kokonoi {15}

*If I missed anyone in season 2, just let me know.*

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