#1 Reborn

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"Excuse me! Sorry!" y/n apologizes to people as she pushes through a crowd, carrying a box in her arms filled with important things,"Sorry!" she yelps as she almost trip over someone's foot.

"Why must the bakery be so far!?" she whines as her glasses bounces on her nose, settling back askew as she ran down the sidewalk. It wasn't long before she ran by a park where the sound of fists hitting flesh is heard,"What the? What's going on over here?" she utters out loud as she walks closer to the sound,"Oh shit!" she curses as she watch how a group of older looking boys are beating up a group of five younger boys,"Hey, what do you think you're all doing!?" she screeches as Takemichi looks up from the ground with a bloody nose.

[I remember her! In the past, she wanted to help me and my friends out, but thanks to my pride I yelled at her to go away. I was so stupid! I didn't see her after all that except for a few times in school. I never got her name.]

"What do you want? Can't you see that we're a bit busy?" a scarfaced boy grunts as he steps on Takemichi's head,"I can see that! Don't you punks know that you should pick on people your own size!?" y/n scowls as she places the box down on a nearby bench before approaching the group.

"And I don't give a shit. Now go run along before you get dragged into their mess. I won't hesitate to hit a girl." Kiyomasa glares at the girl cracking her knuckles. He just huffs an amused smile at her brave look,"Hehe, yeah! Go run along gi-" suddenly a fist came into contact with one of Kiyomasa's goons, blood flying from his nose.

[Holy shit! How hard did she hit him!?] Takemichi mentally yells before y/n got a punch to her cheek by Kiyomasa himself,"I warned you! Bitch!" he repeatedly hits her, but also receiving some hit himself courtesy of y/n.

"I don't give a shit!" y/n yells before Kiyomasa punches her in her gut, hard,"Shit...!" y/n spits out blood before going onto her back and kicks Kiyomasa in his ribs, a satisfying crunch sounding from it,"You bitch! I'll kill you!" Kiyomasa glares at her as y/n throws her glasses to the ground, standing her ground in front of the five fallen boys.

"Hey, Kiyomasa. Leave her alone. She's still just a girl." one of the goons says, worried that his leader will go through with killing the girl,"Tch, fine." Kiyomasa scoffs before throwing one last punch at her to her gut again. This time, y/n falls to the ground wheezing,"Hey! Just stay down, don't go fighting him any further." Akkun says as he places a hand on the girl's shoulder, blood seeping out of her nose and mouth and soaking into her white shirt and pink sweater.

Both Akkun and Takemichi then bows on the ground in front of the older group of delinquents,"We are so sorry!" they both cry out,"Got a lot of nerve calling yourself delinquents. You're nothing but five spineless little losers." Kiyomasa says as he wipes some blood away from his nose.

"And now you get to be five little soldiers for the Tokyo Manji gangs starting today. And you better work your asses off too." one of the goons smirks smugly despite having his nose almost broken by y/n's punch.

"And you!" suddenly Kiyomasa grabs a fistful of said girl's hair,"Gah!" she yelps as she held his wrist with a pained expression,"If I ever see you stick your nose in our business again! You're gonna get more than just a fist to the stomach." he threatens her before throwing her to the ground as he and his goons left the area, purposely stepping on her glasses,"Bâtard." she cusses him as Akkun helps her sit up while his friends groan and whimper from the pain they all felt.

"Are you okay? You're bleeding really bad." he says with worry,"I'm fine, don't worry about me. Let's just get going." y/n reassures him,"Okay. Come on Takemichi." Akkun says as he stumbles to his feet and goes to Takuya while y/n goes to help Yamagishi up.

"Can you walk?" she asks,"I think so..." Yamagishi grunts as he uses her as support before finding his footing,"Okay, that's good." she says with a sigh of relief before going to pick her glasses up,"Oh man, that sucks. Are you... Are you blind?" Makoto asks,"No, I'm just nearsighted. Geez, when my parents see me like this, they're going to flip." y/n sighs as she pockets her glasses before picking up her box.

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