#1 It is what it is

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"Wait... Are you kidding!?"

Baji winces as he held the phone far away from his ear, the voice of both the Inagawa cousins shouting through it while he sat cross-legged on his bed, boxes surrounding him,"Look, I'm sorry but... My mom wanted me to start over and, yeah... After the whole Bloody Halloween incident, she got a new job and everything. So, we're moving." he explains to them sadly.

"Baji, dude. If you leave, I'm gonna drag you back man! I didn't risk my life for nothing!" Yuma scowls, but he's also sad about the news. He knows he won't be able to drag Baji back,"Baji, what about Toman? Did you tell either Chifuyu or Mikey at least?" y/n asks softly as she rubs the bridge of her nose, her glasses having been pushed atop of her head.

"Yeah, they both didn't take the news too lightly. They tried to convince my mom not to move, but she wouldn't budge. In the end, Toman threw a small party at my place." Baji answers with a sad smile, looking at the last photo he took of his dearest friends in his hand.

"I can't believe this is happening..." y/n tears up a bit,"I know Princess. But hey, look on the bright side. We can still call each other and you can be my messenger to the team. Maybe a Skype will do too." Baji reassures her despite wanting to shed a tear or two as well,"Yeah, I'll be your messenger, Baji." y/n sighs a smile as she props her glasses down on her nose.

"Thanks Princess... I gotta go now. The truck is here soon. Bye, I'll miss you." with that, Baji hangs up and y/n drops her hand on her bed while Yuma fell onto his back with a loud groan, causing the bed to bounce a bit,"Son of a bitch..." he mutters as y/n wipes her tears away, [Damn it, why? Why Baji?] she thought with gritted teeth before her mind wanders to Mikey.

"Hey, I'm gonna pay Mikey a visit. See how he's holding up." she announces as she gets up and puts some sneakers on with a jacket. It's been getting cold lately, so she's been wearing warmer clothes as of late.

"Yeah, okay. I'll be heading home them. I got an errand to run for my mom anyhow." Yuma sighs as he also gets up and leaves first and then y/n follows his lead. She was frowning the whole way to Mikey's house, wondering how she's going to comfort the boy. Luckily she had some dorayaki with her!

Meanwhile, in the future...

Takemichi was in a critical situation with Kisaki pointing a gun at his forehead, Chifuyu's corpse was right next to them, the bleeding having already stopped.

"So how's it feel to have the fate of all of Toman resting in your hands?" Kisaki asks as he lifts the gun up to Takemichi's head,"Don't worry. You're going to be following him soon enough." he says with an empty tone.

Though, when he receives no reaction from Takemichi, he lifts the sobbing man's head up slightly with the tip of his gun as he leans in close to his face with a dark expression,"What in the hell are you!?" he yells as Takemichi's eyes stares into his own with anxiety and confusion.

"Is that really all you've got, huh!?" Kisaki yells, but Takemichi does nothing but glare at him,"That's too bad." Kisaki sighs as he stood straight back up and a single tear rolls down his cheek,"How sad... Farewell, Hero."



Absolutely nothing...

Takemichi didn't know what just happened, but when the lights went out, he heard skin make contact with skin followed by grunts and thumps before he also got knocked out.

When he came to, he found himself sprawled out on the ground under a bridge. He breathed heavily as he stares fearfully at the underside of the bridge,"Where am I?" he heaves before sitting up with pained groans. He looks down and saw his leg was bandaged with some blood having seeped through.

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