#13 Odds and Ends

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It was late into the night, not late enough to be midnight though. Emma and Hina has gathered all of the Toman leaders together at Musashi Shrine for a very special occasion,"Whaaaaaaat!?!?" the Toman leaders yells with disbelief after what they heard from both girls.

"She seriously never went to a beach before in her life!?" Draken and Mikey yells. Draken has already been discharged from the hospital a few weeks ago, so he's healed well.

"That is so sad!" Hakkai says with teary eyes,"I never thought I'd live to see the day when I would meet a person who never once went to the beach." Mitsuya shakes his head with disbelief.

"Right? That's why we should surprise her with a trip to the beach! She would love it." Emma says with hands one her hips,"Yeah! We can all get up early in the morning tomorrow with multiple stuff prepared for the beach. Like a picnic basket full of food, a cooler with drinks and so on." Hina lists off.

"Yeah! Let's do it!" the Kawata twins cheer in agreement,"Hm, we'll make it the best beach day for the Princess yet." Baji smirks with confidence,"We should just remember to bring sunblock with us. Last time one of us burned as red as a lobster." Chifuyu says as he subtly glances at Smiley and Hakkai,"Shut up!" Smiley snaps at him as Hakkai blushes with embarrassment.

"Anyway, are we gonna agree to this trip?" Emma questions with a him,"Sounds fun. I'll make sure to bring Sanzu tomorrow." Muto smiles as Sanzu huffs with a pout under his mask.

"Yeah, but instead of taking the train, we'll go by bike. It's more of a fun trip that way." Draken says,"You guys can go by bike. Emma and I are taking the train." Hina says,"Yeah, but there's perverts on the train." Mikey points out before looking at Muto,"Hey Muto, go with Emma and Takemichy's wifey tomorrow. Look out for them." he says and Muto nods.

"Good, so we know what we're doing tomorrow. This meeting is over." Mikey declares and they walk off,"Man, I can't wait to see the smile on her face!" Smiley says with a light chuckle,"Same, she'll be really overjoyed!" Angry yells as they got on their bikes and drives off,"Do we still have that old blow-up beach ball at home?" Smiley asks and Angry shrugs.

"Hm, I'll bring a couple of umbrellas tomorrow." Mitsuya says with a hum,"I'll bring an extra one for incase we need more shade." Chifuyu chirps in,"Sounds good." Mitsuya smiles as they drive off.

"I'll bring the snacks tomorrow!" Baji offers with a grin,"Then I'll bring the drinks tomorrow. I'm sure we got some soda in storage at home somewhere." Hakkai says before they drive off as well.

"Hmf, they forgot the important part of going to the beach. Bringing a watermelon. I'm sure we can bring two." Draken smiles as Muto and Sanzu drives off,"Sounds good Kenny. Bring some blindfolds too, so we can play." Mikey smiles before they also went home.

"So, we gonna let y/n go with them?" Hina questions,"Yeah, she'll be fine with them. I'm just not willing to sit behind a sweaty guy really. So, how are we gonna get her up tomorrow?" Emma says as they walk home.

"Water? Throw her out of bed? Either way, we need to get her up at 7 so we can at least get to the beach by 8 or so." Hina says and Emma nods as they come to an agreement.

The following morning, the sun was barely up and y/n is still fast asleep in her bed. Lying on her stomach as one of her arms is bend over her messy head while she drools slightly in her sleep, covers only covering her lower body.

But, unfortunately all good things must come to an end as she woken up by,"Wakey wakey y/n! It's time to get up and moving!" ah, her two best friends screaming her awake. Still, better than being thrown out of bed,"Sweet mother of games!" unless you fall out of bed yourself, in which case y/n did.

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