#21 One and only

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What the hell is happening!? Y/n just knocked Baji on the head with her bat! Now Baji is kneeling on the ground, his eyes white while y/n allows her tears to fall freely,"I'm sorry, Keisuke. But, I can't allow you to make a big mistake." she sniffles as tears streams down her cheeks,"Damn it..." Baji groans as he starts to sway a bit before falling onto his side.

Though, y/n was quick to drop her weapon and kneel to catch his body,"I'm sorry... So sorry..." she sobs quietly,[But, if I didn't stop him..
Baji would've killed Kisaki and would've definitely gone to jail. I couldn't allow that, so I had to stop him. Please, understand...] she thought as her tears drips down onto Baji's face, mixing a bit with the blood on his chin.

"Baji, no! Kisaki, what the hell did you do to Baji!?" Chifuyu yells as he ran up the cars and stands in front of the duo protectively,"You saw everything. I didn't do anything to him at all. Y/n did." Kisaki mutters with narrowed eyes.

Chifuyu grunts with a glare before turning to Baji and y/n,"Baji!" he calls out with worry,"Y/n, why the hell did you do it!? Why did you hit Baji!?" he yells with a glare and y/n whimpers,"I'm sorry! But, I couldn't allow Baji to make a mistake! Please, understand that I did it for a reason!" she shakes her head, causing the tears to fly and Chifuyu softens his expression,[What do you mean?]

"Hurry up and call an ambulance!" Mitsuya orders a delinquent,"Ah, right!" he quickly got his phone out and dials the emergency number.

"Please understand Chifuyu. My cousin just risked his life to save Baji, why would I waste his sacrifice? I did it to save Baji from becoming a murderer." y/n explains and Chifuyu gasps with surprise,"Yuma, got stabbed? By Kazutora?" he utters and y/n nods solemnly as more tears flows free.

"Kazutora..." Chifuyu growls with a fierce glare as he slowly turns around,"Kazutora!!!" he yells, but Kazutora doesn't react at all. Instead, he starts to mutter to himself,"He... He lost it..." y/n whimpers as she watches how a young boy is showing his broken side. A broken spirit.

"Kazutora's definitely got some screws lose." Kisaki comments,"Oh I get it, he must have brought Baji into Valhalla so that he could just finish him off himself." he adds before turning around,"That right, commander?"

y/n grits her teeth as her eyes widen with fear. Her mind piecing the puzzles together,[Tetta, you're provoking Mikey!] she thought as she glares at him,"Mikey! Don't listen to Tetta! I hit Baji over the head with my bat! I'm to blame!" she quickly says and Mikey's hand twitches at her words,"But, y/n... Kazutora tried to stab Baji, but instead he stabbed your cousin." Kisaki states and Mikey growls at this.

"He chose to save Baji!" y/n screams as she glares at Kisaki,"No, Mikey... Kazutora didn't..." Takemichi tries to say something, but his words gets stuck in his throat,"I wanted to kill you..." Mikey spoke up,"Even back then. As soon as you had been let out of juvie, I started thinking about killing you. And, the one who always kept talking me out of it, was Baji." he states as he walks past y/n and down the car pile,[Oh no, what have I done!?] y/n thought with horror.

"He always said that all you wanted to do was to make me happy and that's why you couldn't accept the blame." Mikey continues to talk as he slowly makes his way to Kazutora,"Even though you were the one who has killed my brother. In order for things to make sense to you, you had to make me into the enemy." he adds before licking a bit of blood off his upper lip.

"Isn't that right?" he finally reaches the ground, staring at him blankly as he continues to slowly stalk towards his prey,"Mikey..." Draken says with a warning tone,"Ya know Kenny... This fight's already over." Mikey declares.

"Huh? Whoa, whoa, hold up! What do ya mean the fight's over? Where the hell do you think we are Mikey?" Hanma walks up to him with a broad grin, spreading his arms out,"You must be crazy if you think you get to decide shit like that now." he adds.

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