#2 Resist

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The following day, Kisaki was waiting for y/n in front of the café,"Huh, Kisaki?" she questions with a tilt of her head,"Come on, otherwise we're gonna be late for school

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The following day, Kisaki was waiting for y/n in front of the café,"Huh, Kisaki?" she questions with a tilt of her head,"Come on, otherwise we're gonna be late for school." Kisaki grunts and y/n smiles brightly,"Alright coming." she chirps as she follows after him,"Don't get used to this, okay? I'm not going to walk you back home after school. I've got cram school after that." Kisaki informs her.

"Oh, okay. I wanna explore the area more anyway." y/n nods with a smile as she looks around the school, trying to either spot Takemichi or Akkun around the school,"Where are they?" she mutters,"Where's who?" Kisaki glares at her, startling her a bit,"Oh, don't worry about it. I was just looking around for my other friends, is all." she smiles at him softly.

"Other friends, huh?" Kisaki mutters bitterly as they took their seats in class, the school bell ringing. Signaling the beginning of school.

Meanwhile, in the future...

Takemichi was ready to go back to the future by shaking hands with Naoto,"Hey Takemichi, before you go. There's a girl name y/n Inagawa. She's under the watchful eye of Toman. How? I wouldn't know. I want you to also keep an eye on her." Naoto says with a serious expression.

"Wait, y/n? I just met her yesterday. Last time I send her away in the past when she wanted to help us, but this time I let her help us." Takemichi informs him,"Really? Then you must of changed something because of it. Because last time, she was more reserved in school and became an owner of her own chain of bakeries and cafés. Still is today. But, please... Keep an eye on her." Naoto blushes a bit as he looks down.

[Hold up, does Naoto like her? Heh, guess he also want to help someone he likes as well.] Takemichi smiles at the thought before shaking his hand,"I will." he says before a light engulfs his vision.

Back in the past...

"Achoo! Ugh, someone must be talking about me." y/n groans as she rubs her nose,"Whatever." Kisaki shrugs as he took a bite of his lunch,"So cold~" y/n pouts before eating her own lunch before holding out a chocolate ball,"You want some?" she offers. Kisaki eyes the sweet treat between her fingers for a bit before leaning forward and taking it between his teeth to retrieve it and then eat it.

"You know, I could've just given it to ya instead of you eating it out of my hand." y/n blushes pink from embarrassment as she nibbles on her rice,"Don't really care. You offered and I accepted it." Kisaki smirks and y/n's eyes shines at the sight of his smirk,"Hey, you're smiling. This is the first time I see you smile. You should do it more." she points and and Kisaki looks at her in surprise before scoffing as he looks away,"Tch."

"Grumpy~" y/n teases before finish eating her lunch. Soon lunch came to an end and they resume classes peacefully before the end of school came,"See ya Kisaki!" y/n waves bye to her friend, who give her a small wave back in return without turning around.

Y/n was then quick to start exploring her surroundings as she walks by the park again,"Hm? Oh, I didn't notice it before, but there's a game and music shop! A little peek wouldn't hurt anybody." she whistles as she enters the shop and starts to look around.

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