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I sighed as I looked at the paper work I was doing. I hate paper work.

"Kara? You doing ok?" Winn asked. I nodded.

"Yeah. I just hate paper work." She chuckled.

"Hey don't forget about that interview you have today." Winn said.

"What's her name again?" I asked.

"Nia Nal."


The hairs on my neck stood up. Here we go again. I flew to the commotion that was happening downtown.

"Reign!" I yelled, my voice booming. She turned and smiled her creepy smile.

"Supergirl. Glad you could join me." She said. She blasted her powers towards me and I was pushed back. I landed hard.

"Kara?" I heard in my ear. "There's been an attack downtown." Alex said.

"Yeah I know. I'm already here."

"No Kara. There's another one." I froze in fear. Shit.

"Alex I can only deal with one!" I heard Alex swear in my ear. I heard Alex start talking to someone at the DEO.

"Kara? We've picked up another alien signature. But it's not downtown but I don't think they're a threat right now." I was about to respond when I felt myself lift off the ground and crash into a car, the alarm blaring at the impact.

"So pathetic. Always trying to save everyone. When will you learn?" Reign said, looming over me. I tried my best to sit up. I looked at Reign. There was something about her. Something familiar. I shook it off.

"I will never stop trying. I will always try and stop you." I said firmly. She smiled her wicked smile.

"We'll see about that." She said, before shooting off into the sky. I laid there for several minutes, attempting to gather my strength as the yellow sun healed me. I heard Alex in my ear. I shot up into the sky and off towards Alex.

I reached the DEO fairly quickly. "Kara. The attack downtown. Someone stopped it." Alex said.

"Wha-uh do we know who? What? You said it was another alien signature, right?" I said to Alex. Alex grabbed her tablet that was on the table.

"Yes. A Naltorian."

"I remember learning about them. They can see the future." I said. Right then my phone buzzed. I looked at it and my eyes went wide. "Crap! My interview!" I started walking towards the balcony, backwards. "Let me know anything you find out about that alien!" And with that, I flew out of the DEO.


I reached CATCO in I think record time. I quickly changed and walked (maybe jogged a little) to Cat's office. "Kira! Nice of you to finally join us!" Cat said, taking her glasses off and putting them on her desk. "This is Nala."

The woman sitting, stood up and stretched her hand out for me. "It's Nia actually." She said, smiling.

"Oh don't worry about her calling you the wrong name. I've been working for her for years and she still doesn't call me the right name."

"Which is...?" Nia asked.

"Oh! Right! I- ha ha. I'm- I'm Kara."

"So ladies. Let's get down to business, shall we?" Cat said.


3rd Person POV

After Kara, Nia and Ms. Grant talked for sometime, Ms. Grant finally dismissed them. The day was about over so Kara cleaned her desk up quickly. She saw Nia exit the bathroom as she was walking away from her desk. She pushed the elevator button and waited for the elevator.

"So does she get everyone's name wrong or...?" Nia asked. Kara chuckled.

"I uh yeah pretty much." Kara said. She looked over and smiled at Nia.

"Oh thank god. I thought it was just me and when she said it wrong I panicked and I thought I had made a mistake and so I panicked again and-" Nia rambled but Kara cut her off.

"Oh my god." Kara said, looking shocked at Nia.

"What?" Nia looked confused.

"You're me." Kara said. Just then, the elevator dinged and the two women got on the elevator. They rode down talking about CATCO. Kara asked what Nia was doing at CATCO and they chatted until the elevator came to the ground level. "Well I will see you tomorrow Nia." Kara said, smiling.

"Uh yeah. Bye Kara!" Nia returned with a smile.


That night, Nia had trouble sleeping. Again. She kept getting these weird dreams that seemed so real but when she woke in the morning, they never made any sense to her. Everytime, she'd just shake it off. That is until one of her dreams has been real this whole time and she doesn't realize it.

Nia dreams of Reign. She dreams that Reign has taken someone. A woman. A woman with dark hair. Supergirl tries to appeal to her. The dream cuts out then as Nia is always jolted awake. All she remembers, is that a woman with dark hair has been taken.


Across the city, Kara and Lena were getting into bed. Kara couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. She felt it in her gut. Lena noticed this and grabbed her girl's hand. "Kara, honey? What's going on?" Kara was spaced out. She didn't hear Lena. Lena grabbed Kara's face gently and made her look at her. "Kara. What's wrong?" Lena asked again. Kara focused on her girlfriend.

"Oh sorry. Um. I-" She paused, not knowing what to say. "I just- I have a bad feeling. Something big is about to happen. I just know it."

"Well. Whatever it is, we'll get through it together." Lena said, looking into her girlfriends eyes. She smiled. She leaning in and kissed Kara. Kara visibly relaxed into the kiss. It was almost like she was falling in love with her all over again. They pulled away after a few minutes and got under the covers. Kara laid on her back and Lena put her head on Kara's chest. Lena fell asleep pretty fast but not Kara. Eventually she fell asleep but the gut feeling plagued her all night.


On the other side of the city, Sam sleeps restlessly as well. She keeps losing time and can't figure out why. Little spurts of darkness are always throughout her day. She finally falls asleep. However, her alter ego decides it's time to wake up.

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