Who is Supergirl?

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Lena's pov
Is Kara, Supergirl? Is Supergirl, Kara? I mean they look similar to each other but then again, that's not possible, right?

I heard the doors to my office open. I looked up and in walked Kara. "Hi Kara."

She smiled very bright, her eyes looked like they sparkled a little. "Hi Lena."

"Are you here for another interview?" I giggled a little bit.

"No. Actually I was wondering if you wanted to grab some lunch." She paused and turned her head a little bit as if she heard a noise. "You know at Noonans."

"Yeah sure. Of course." She nodded and smiled.


As we entered Noonans, I glanced at Kara and she looked uneasy. "Kara? Are you alright? You look a bit uneasy."

"Sorry. I've....um....just got a bit of a headache."

All of a sudden, the front window to Noonans was shattered. "Lena! Get out of here!"

I didn't want to leave Kara here alone. "No! I'm staying here with you!"

"It's too dangerous Lena!"

"I'm not leaving you!" Kara was stubborn, but I got through to her.

Kara rushed towards the alien that was outside destroying everything.

Kara's pov
Why does Lena have to be so stubborn? I need to change, but I don't want her finding out. At least not yet. So I ran outside towards the alien.

"Hey!" The alien turned towards us.

"Ahh. The kryptonian herself." Shit why did he have to say that?! Now Lena's gonna know!!

"What do you want and why are you destroying things?!"

"Because, Alura should have been killed yet she died in the krypton destruction. The only way to get revenge on her, is to kill you Kara Zor-el." Dammit! Again with the names! I don't have time to be thinking about this though. I need to change.

"Kara? What is he talking about?" Lena looked at me, very confused.

Ugh. Great. I think I need to tell her. "Follow me! But quickly!" I grabbed her arm and pulled her into an alley.

"Kara! What is he talking about?!" Lena said again.

I took the edge of my button down shirt and ripped it off revealing the super suit.

She gasped. "You're- you're her. You're Supergirl!" I nodded.

I ripped the rest of my clothes off revealing the whole suit. Then something I never thought would happen after telling someone my secret. Lena hugged me.

"So. You're the one who's saved me several times. And you save the city all the time. And you get hurt and kidnaped. And-"

"Lena. I'm Supergirl. It's my job to save people." She looked at me and smiled. I looked into her eyes and I saw them sparkle a little. She's beautiful. "And speaking of saving people, I have an alien to stop."

"Yeah you do."

"Head back to Noonans. I'll meet you back there. Stay safe Lena."

"You too. Supergirl." I smiled at her and took off.

Lena's pov
Is it possible that I have a crush on Supergirl? Well I have a crush on Kara, so I guess it's not much different since they're the same person. I smiled to myself as I entered Noonans, awaiting the return of the beautiful kryptonian.


After waiting probably 30-ish minutes, Kara's sister, Alex, walked in with a concerned look on her face.

"Lena, you need to come with me." Alex said. I stood up and followed Alex out.

"Alex what's going on?"

"Supergirl was hit with kryptonite. It's her only weakness. Well and green, emerald eyes." Alex said. I blushed and grinned brightly.

"Oh Alex, Kara told me. I know that she's Supergirl." I told Alex.

"So that's why she wanted me to come get you." Alex said, realizing Kara's request.

"May I ask where we are going?"

"The DEO. The Department of Extra-terrestrial Operations. We look for aliens that cause harm to the city. Luckily, we have Supergirl to help us stop them."

"But why do you need me?"

"Kara asked me to get you. I don't know why."

I nodded understanding Alex's explanation. We went through the door to The DEO. We walked up steps and eventually got to the main level. I'm assuming at least. We just got off on a level that seemed very popular.

"Agent Danvers. Who is this?" A very muscular man said.

"J'onn this is Lena Luthor. Kara asked her here."

"Ah. In that case. Let me show you to where Miss Danvers is." J'onn said.

He walked me up some more stairs and entered a room. When I walked in, I saw Kara lying on the bed, asleep. She was hooked to wires and had several IV's.

"What happened?" I asked J'onn.

Looking towards me he responded. "Miss Danvers was caught of guard and several pieces of kryptonite were lodged into her skin. It wasn't a lot, but it was enough to almost kill her." J'onn explained as several tears rolled down my cheeks. "I'll give you sometime alone." He smiled and turned around and walked out.

I walked slowly over to her bed and sat down. I took her hand in mine. "Oh Kara. I'm so sorry this happened. I could have said my final words to you without knowing it. And I would have never said...I would have never said........." I paused for moment. "Well I would have never said 'I love you'." I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Kara's pov
I felt someone grab my hand. I opened my eyes a little and it revealed Lena crying. I couldn't make out was she was saying, but then I heard the words 'I love you'. Then she kissed my forehead.

"I love you too Lena." Lena opened her eyes and looked at me, a little bit shocked that I had responded.

"Kara. You're ok!"

"Yeah. I'm fine."

"So wait you heard all of that?"

"Well not all of it. But I heard the 'I love you' and that's all I needed for strength."

Lena smiled brightly and her eyes sparkled. "Your sister said that your only weakness is kryptonite and emerald green eyes."

I blushed at that comment because it is very true. "Well Alex was right. Kryptonite is my weakness. And emerald green as are as well." Lena smiled. "It's kind of ironic though."

"How so?"

"Kryptonite is green. Emerald green eyes. Also green."

"Well, Kara Danvers, many things are my weakness, and that includes you. But I can truly say, that you are my kryptonite."

I smiled and blushed brightly. Lena leaned in a placed a small kiss on my lips. "Fireworks." Lena said and she curled up next to me in the DEO bed.

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