Life or death.

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Kara's pov
I flew Lena as fast as I could to the DEO, figuring that they were the best shot at helping her. "Alex! Help!" I yelled, starting to tear up.

"Kara!?" Alex ran towards me. "What's wrong?" She saw me carrying Lena. "Ok. Let's get her to the med bay. And fast."

Alex ran up the steps and I flew up and on to the walk way so I wouldn't make any sudden movement to injure Lena more.

I rushed Lena over to where Alex was standing. "Quick! Get her on the bed! Doctors! Come quick!" A bunch of doctors rushed in. I placed Lena on the bed and that's when I truly saw what had happened.

"Lena." I whispered to myself, tears now streaming down my cheeks. She had a piece of debris that was sharp, stuck in her torso.

"Supergirl I don't think you should be in here." A doctor told me.

"Come on Kara. Come with me." Alex said guiding me out of the room. "What happened?"

"I don't know but she hit her head hard and I saw that piece in her torso." I said, while crying.

As I stepped out of the room, I heard beeping. And then the flat line beep. "Clear!" I heard. I began to feel dizzy. "Clear!" I heard once more. Everything was spinning and voices were barley audible. "Ok! We need to work fast people! We don't want to lose her!" And then everything went black.


"Kara?" I could barley make out. "Kara? Kara?!" I opened my to see the voice. Alex.

"Hey Alex."

"Kara! You're ok!" Alex said, worryingly.

"What happened? Is Lena ok?!" Now I was worried.

"Yes. She got through everything just fine. She's recovering right now." I nodded. "Looks like you have more than one kryptonite." Alex said. I giggled at that and she joined me.

I started to get up, Alex grabbed my arm to support me.

"Can we go see Lena now?" I asked, once I had gotten up.

"Of course." Alex said.

We walked out of the room and Alex walked me over to Lena.

I entered the room and saw her on the bed with her eyes closed. "She's sleeping." Alex said. I'm assuming not to tell me something awful. "It was kind of rough last night."

A tear ran down my cheek. I just let it fall, not caring if Alex saw. "I'll leave you so you can be here just with her." Alex whispered.

She walked out and I walked over and sat down on the side of the bed. I grabbed her hand gently. "I'm so sorry Lena."


It's been several weeks since the accident. Alex explained that Lena was in a coma and the doctors didn't have an estimate on when she might wake up.

I was in there almost the whole time. If I had to use the bathroom, I'd quickly go and come back. Alex brought food, so really the only other thing I did was do my duty as Supergirl.

I was in there while she was in her coma. I didn't know if she could hear me or feel my hand, but I talked to her and held her hand. Until one day.

I was talking about what had happened that day. The same god damn snake named fluffy went up the tree again. That's when her eyes fluttered open and she groaned a little from being in the same position for a several weeks.

"Lena?" I asked, not believing that she was awake.

"Supergirl! Oh my god! What are you doing here?" She said. I looked at her confused.

"Um. You got into an at Ca-CatCo and I flew where I work." I said still confused on why she didn't say Kara.

Alex walked in right after, with the doctors behind. "Supergirl. We need to talk." Now I'm really confused.

"Alex? Why are you saying Supergirl in front of Lena? She knows I'm-"

"No Kara, She doesn't."Alex interrupts.

My eyes went wide. "What?"

"She's doesn't remember that." I placed my hands on my face, as I became frustrated. "She also doesn't remember one other thing."

I looked up at Alex. "The doctors were able to scan her brain to see if anything bad had happened."

I nodded, signaling for her to go on. "And they were able to go into her memories to see if she got memory loss."

My eyes went wide in realization to what she was leading up to. "So Kara, Lena doesn't remember that you are Supergirl and she also doesn't know that you two were dating."

Tears were brimming my eyes and I let them fall. "What?" I said, in an almost whisper. "She's doesn't remember that we're dating?"

"No Kara. I'm sorry." Alex said. She pulled me into a hug. "The only thing is," we pulled away from the hug, "you can help her retrieve the memories she's lost by helping her understand the memories she has lost."

"So I tell her that I'm Supergirl and that we're dating." I ask.

"Yes. But you can't go back to acting like a couple because since she doesn't remember, it might be weird for her."Alex explains.

I nod. "Can we go back to her?"

"Of course Kara."

We walk back to Lena's room. "I can't believe you came Supergirl. I mean, you're here. But, may I ask why you're here?"

"Um. Well. You were in the accident and I rushed you here, because I couldn't let my girlfriend die." I said, trying my best to explain that we were/are dating.

"Wait, girlfriend?" I nod. "But that would mean I would know who you are. Right?"

"Yes, Lena. You know who I am."

"Well are you gonna tell me or have me guess?"

"Oh right." I said nervously. "Um I'm Kara...Danvers." I slowly spoke out.


"Yeah...." I have never been this awkward before in my life. Ugh!!!

"No. That's not possible." Lena says.

"Well how can I prove it?"

"Um. If you really are Kara, go change into your Kara look." I said nodding.

I ran out and was back within a second, glasses and all. "Does this prove it."

Lena shook her head. "No. Not really actually."

"Oh I know." I said before taking my glasses off and ripping my shirt open to reveal the suit.

"Oh shit." Lena says. "Ok. I believe it."

"Thank....god." I said. I took my "Kara look" as Lena calls it, off to reveal the entire super suit.

"So Miss Luthor. You have suffered from some memory loss." The doctor, that was in the room that we didn't realize was there, said. "We will help you remember by telling you things and try and get things flowing back."

Lena nodded and the doctor exited the room.

"Ok." I said. "This might take some explaining. And that's gonna take a while."

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