I believe in you

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A week later I was out of the DEO hospital area. Lena was at work and I had my last day off. So I decided to go surprise Lena but as Supergirl. Obviously she knows I'm Supergirl cause I told her. But it still hasn't sunken in that I have told her.

Mon-El, the alien from Daxem, told me that he liked me yesterday when he had come over along with Alex, Maggie, James, Winn, and J'onn. I told him that I didn't feel the same and that I was dating Lena and he got really upset. Lena had to work late so she couldn't be there. He left in a hurry after that. To be honest though, I'm glad that we haven't spoken. When ever we were talking, he would always say something like, "On Daxem, a woman would do this for a man" or "that for a man" and it started pissing me off. But I tried to give him another chance at being friends but he blew it by telling me that he liked me, thinking that it could be a good excuse for me to forgive him.

Anyway. I flew out my window towards Lena's office. I stopped suddenly when I heard a crash in her office. I listened in and used my x-ray vision to see what it was. I heard the most annoying person sat the meanest thing to Lena. "You don't deserve Kara and she doesn't deserve you. She should be with a man not a woman. Men take better care of women then women can." I know that voice. "Mon-El." Oh hell no.

I flew in and landed on Lena's balcony and jogged into her office to see Mon-El pinning Lena to the wall so she couldn't move. A knife was held to her throat. "HEY!"

Mon-El turned his head to see me standing there. "Kara. Get out of here! This is none of your business!" Mon-El shouted at me.

"No! This is my business! Especially when you hurt someone I love!" He looked shocked but didn't move his grasp. "You will never have me." I started. He started to back away from Lena and i started to corner him against the wall. "I love Lena. And I will never love you. I don't belong to you. And I never will. I am not your toy or object. Im Kara Zor-El from Krypton and you are Mon-El from Daxem. And I knew that I should have never trusted a Daxem. So you are going to leave me, Lena, and the rest of my friends and family alone. For good." I stared him down as I finished. He looked really surprised.

"Fine. I'll leave. But this is not the end." He said walking out. He stopped at the door and turned around towards Lena. "But you will never be good enough for Kara." He walked out.

I ran towards Lena and engulfed her in a hug. She clung on to me tightly. "Lena. What happened and how did he get in here?"

"I don't know. One second I was working at my desk and the next he's got a knife to my throat threatening to kill me if I didn't let you go." She said beginning to cry.

"Well none of that is happening. I promise."


About a month went by and Lena and I were happier to know that Mon-El was currently no where to me found. We hadn't seen him in a while and it was reliving.

"Kara!" I heard Alex say through my com, as I was flying around saving the smaller, more everyday things. Like saving kittens up trees or a snake named fluffy.

"Yeah?" I kind of shouted cause of the wind.

"Get to the DEO now!" I flew as fast as I could.

I rushed into the DEO. "Kara. You need to see this." Winn said as I reached his desk.

"Hello Supergirl. I have a friend of yours here who would like to say hello." Lillian Luthor stated.

A buff man walked into view. "Hey Kara. Did you miss me?" My eyes went wide in shock.



"Mon-El. What are you doing?!" I asked him.

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