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Lena's pov
I woke up and felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I looked around the room and noticed I wasn't in my room. I looked to my side to see Kara laying next to me all cuddled up to my side. Then everything came back. The sharp pain is a bullet wound and the room I'm in is a medical room at the DEO.

I could feel Kara moving around and looked at her. I was soon met with the beautiful eyes of the kryptonian woman that I fall in love with more and more each day.

She looked deep into my eyes. "Hi." She whispered.

"Hi" I whispered back. She moved up and placed a soft and tender kiss on my lips. She pulled slightly back and rested her head on my shoulder.

"Do you feel any better?" The superhero asked.

"Not really. But it helps to have you here." I replied. She smiled and blushed. I closed my eyes again to get some more sleep.


Several days later and I'm out of the DEO med bay. "Kara. Help please." I said to Kara who rushed over to help support me. She was in the super suit. J'onn Jones, who apparently is an alien and took form of a guy named hank who's dead. Confusing. Anyway. J'onn, Alex, and Winn (along with Kara and now me) were standing around the cyber desk in the middle of the room, staring at the screens on the wall looking at, what I think, is an alien from a prison that has escaped.

Kara's arm was wrapped around my waist holding me tightly, but not too tightly, holding me upright, because if not I would fall over.

"So where is he now?" Kara asked J'onn.

"Ah...well SHE is hiding right now. We don't know where she is." J'onn said correcting her.

"Oh! Respect! Sorry." Kara said, embarrassed, her face getting a little pink. I gently squeezed Kara's hand and she turned her head slightly to look into my eyes and smile.


Several weeks went by and I was clear to go home. Kara and her sister and Kara's friends and Alex's girlfriend gave me a welcome home party which was at Kara's apartment.

It was the second week I was "home". Home being Kara's apartment and I was almost completely healed. Kara had made me feel as comfortable as I could possibly be while she was at work. I worked on some things on a computer at the apartment. But, then I got the clear to go back to work. Soon I'll be back to work.

Kara's pov
I grabbed my keys from my pocket and found the right key and put it in the lock. I opened the dot to see Lena asleep on the couch. I shut the door as quietly as I could but some how it managed to wake her up.

"Kara?" Lena whispered.

"Yeah babe?" I responded.

"Oh I was just checking to see if it was you." Lena said, continuing to whisper. "You should get some sleep love."

"I will." I walked over to her and kissed her on the forehead. "Why don't you come and sleep in the bed."

"Ok." She whispered, getting sleepier by the minute.

I ended up having to carry her to the bed and place her on one side. I got ready for bed and climbed in, saying goodnight and giving Lena a quick peck on the lips before drifting off to sleep.


Lena's pov
I thought being back to work would be fun but I already am so stressed. I've been back for two weeks. It's so stressful. Kara is a reporter and Supergirl. How does she do it? She has two jobs while I have only one. Then again I'm the CEO.

My brother, Lex, hasn't given up trying to kill me and he's in jail. Luckily, for a long time, he hasn't tried anything.

The DEO said that I would be able to have any breaks during my work day if I wanted. So, I decided to go and surprise Kara and take her out to lunch.

I walked over to CatCo and took the elevator up to Kara's level. I stepped out of the elevator and saw many many people scrambling around with work. I also saw a very strange looking man just standing against the glass wall by the elevators. I ignored it and kept walking.

I walked over to The reporting section of the level and saw Kara. I stopped at the door. She just happened to look up and see me. We locked eyes and smiled at each other. I motioned for her to come over.

She got up and walked over to me. "Hey babe." I said, greeting her.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" She asked confused but excited like a kid in a candy store.

"I came to take yo-" a loud explosion rang out. The building shook and started to collapse.

"I just never-" Kara started, "get a break, do I?" She finished.

I shook my head apologetically. Kara was out of the building and back within seconds. Kara was out and Supergirl was in. She shouted some words but everything was becoming fuzzy around me. Even my vision. But I just shook it off. I saw Kara blast out and towards the trouble.

Kara's pov
I was working on a paper when I looked up to see Lena standing at the door and waved for my to come over.

"Hey babe." Lena greeted me.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" I was confused but also very very happy that my girlfriend was here.

"I came to take yo-" Lena was cut off with an explosion that shook the building.

"I just never-" I started, "get a break, do I?" Lena looked at me and shook her head apologetically.

I was out of the building and in as Supergirl in no time. I flew down to the level of the explosion.

I surveyed the area and saw some people dressed in all black and getting into a black van.

I quickly fixed up the part of the building that was collapsing. And flew back up, as Supergirl, to check on everyone and Lena.

I flew through on to the balcony and landed rushing in. "Is everyone ok?!" I shouted and a series of nods and yeses came in response. I looked over to Lena and thought she looked a bit uneasy.

"Lena?" I jogged over to her. She looked very dazed and dizzy. I grabbed her shoulders and I looked her in the eyes. Something wasn't right. "Lena?" I waved my hand across her face.

"Kara.......Help." Was all I heard her say before she collapsed in my arms and I flew her to the DEO.

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