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In 3 days the reads on this book went from 1.75k to 1.95k oh my gosh I'm crying. I love you all so much it's truly unbelievable.
Izzy's POV;

Harry was dressed in a black t-shirt, black pants and black boots. While Ryan was the complete opposite.
He decided to dress in a white suit with a black tie and black shoes.

Harry walked up to me and bent down, placing his hands on his knees as he leant forward, looking me in the eye.
"You fucking bitch." His voice was laced with venom and sent chills down my spine as his hand came up and struck me across the face.

I screamed in his face so loud that Japan could probably hear me. A plant in the corner of the room snapped in half but they didn't seem to notice.
"Jesus Christ shut the hell up!" Ryan snapped as he leant across the table with his arms crossed and a scowl spread across his face.

"Harry, go sit the fuck down." Ryan's eyes were cold as they glared at Harry, watching him sit down next to Ryan in a spinny chair placed by the table.

Ryan sighed and shook his head, running his hand down his chin.
"Iz, I need you to calm down. You're here for a reason. And that reason is because of your powers." He looked at my face as if he was searching for any type of emotion.

I gave him a funny look, "What? The fuck? Are you talking about?" My voice was flat as it showed no sign of emotion. He bit his lip and sighed once more, "I need you to get angry for me. If you don't then I will kill you without a moments hesitation."

I shook my head and let out a low laugh, "At least tell me what my powers are."

"You can do amazing things. You have the power of telekinesis and telepathy. You are also incredibly strong." He slapped his mouth over his hand as if he didn't want to say the last part.

A smirk played out on my face as I ripped through the ropes and escaped the chair. I used my telekinesis to life the chair over at Harry and pin him to the wall as Ryan watched in amusement. I tightened the chair against Harry's body as he soon passed out. The chair fell and the room was silent except for my heavy breathing.

My eyes poured into Ryan's as he soon was uncomfortable.

[ I know you can hear me, Ryan. ] I tested out my telepathy as I watched his face pale.
[ Let me go. ]

His face regained color as he cleared his throat. "I'm afraid I can't, Iz."

"Well that's a damn shame Ryan!" I shouted at his face. The leg of the table broke off and I threw it so hard at Ryan's chest, watching the crimson red blood slowly ooze down his suit, staining it.

Avi's POV;

I burst through the door, with Ashton and Luke at my side, only to be bewildered at the sight in front of me. Izzy's panicked eyes soon met mine as she slowly dropped to the floor, passed out.


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