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Izzy's POV;

Of course, Avi decided to take me to an art gallery. There were so many fancy people here..

We trotted around the halls, examining each piece of artwork and silently making fun of them just to make the night more relaxing.

When we were close to the end, Avi had to use the restroom and had told me to stay put on the bench right outside the bathroom. I nodded and sat down, pulling out my phone.

I heard screams and gunshots, and before I had time to look up, I had a bag over my head and blacked out.


When I woke up, I was tied to a chair. I looked around the room; it was white with a table in front of her, with a couch behind it. There was a single door that led out of the room, but what was beyond the door was beyond what I could think of.

I fluttered my eyes lazily as I snapped my head to the door, hearing its rusty hinges creak.

I gasped as I felt lightheaded, seeing Harry and Ryan walk into the room.


Short update Ik I'm sorry ;-;
I still love you all though,
That's why I always leave you with cliffhangers. xD

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