4: Perfect!

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Avi's POV:

I watched as her tiny hands take the computer away from me and she starts typing at furiously fast speeds.

"Whoa now, don't get too carried away!" I tease and chuckle, nudging her in the shoulder.

She doesn't do anything except for stare at the screen.


I shrug it off and watch Rider come hopping down the stairs. I reach over and pet him when I hear Isabelle start humming.

Isabelle's POV:

I had decided to search different rhythms in songs and started humming different things. Avi had let me hum for a while, watching me with fascination, before he interrupted me.


"Don't call me that." I snap.

I look after and give him an apologetic look. "Sorry, I just hate when people call me that. Call me Izzy or Iz."

He smiles with relief and nods his head. "Any who, what are you doing?''


I explain everything to him and a knock is heard at the door. Avi looks petrified. He quickly gets up and grabs me, dragging me upstairs to the pool and into the closet room with the towels, shoving himself in there too.


He slaps his hand over my mouth then takes it off, putting a finger against his lip.

I hear things breaking and loud voices. 3 maybe 4 guys?

They seem pretty pissed.

I look over at Avi. A couple strands of hair had fallen onto his forehead, which was now beaded with sweat. My hand reached up and I flipped them back, readjusting his beanie. He smiled appreciatively but I can still see the worry in his eyes.

Avi's POV:

Her hands are really soft.

I hear the pounding of boots come up the stairs and I quickly grab Isabe- Izzy, and throw her gently down the towel chute. I wait a few seconds before I follow, hearing the closet door open. I sigh in relief as we both land in a laundry basket full of towels. She looks around frantically but doesn't talk. She must've been in this kind of situation before.

We hop out and go through my basement garage as I open up the garage door. Its creaked and made noise.

Shit, no wonder, I haven't used this thing in ages.

I hear them coming down the garage steps and there are two men. Izzy hides behind me and clutches to my shirt.

We both know who they are.



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