7: Did this really happen?

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Izzy's POV

Avi didn't show at school.

I called and texted him but he didn't answer.
Is he ok?

In choir my mind drifts off to what could've happened to him.


When I get out of school I decide to just walk to his house. The wind pricked at my nose in attempt to give me frost bite, but I cover my face with my scarf.

I walk up onto his porch and go to knock.

The door creaks open.

Walking inside, I see the house was untouched. I walked over to find a note on the table.

Hello, Izzy.
I know you tried texting and calling me.
I know you're here now, wondering where the hell I am.
Well, something came up..
If I stayed, I would've put you in danger. I told Scott to take care of you.

My eyes started to water as I went on to read the rest.

Ashley... Well, she died in a crash a few days ago.
I'm sorry that she isn't here and neither an I. You're just going to have to trust Scott.

Love, Avi xx

Scotts number and address was on the back of the paper.

My fingers folded the paper in half as I shoved it in my pocket. I dial Scott's number and call him.

"Hello?" He picks up.

"Hey .. It's Izzy." I say softly as I sat on the couch.

"Oh hey!" His voice is cheery as he continues, "What's up?"

"Nothing.. Avi left a note for me, and he said you had to protect me or something..?" "Oh, yeah. Come over, we need to talk."

He seemed to of rushed his words as he hung up.

Great, I thought, more surprises.



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