23: Not now

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Izzy's POV:

I felt Harry's strong arms wrap against me as I yelp from the sight I just witnessed.

He peers over my shoulder giving me goosebumps when his hair tickles my ear.

"No.." His grip tightens on me and he let's go, storming downstairs and outside. I watch through the glass.

Harry's POV:

I stormed outside and through the garage, my feet seeming to shake the ground. "What the hell do you want?" I scream at him as I walk out of the garage and into the driveway. He smiles.

"I was coming to apologize and explain some things to Iz." He says with confidence in his voice.

"Guess what pal, your times up. You fucked up and you aren't going to get her back." My bitchy side of me started to show as I pressed my lips into a thin line.

"Too bad. I'm going to see her. I know she still loves me." He shrugged and started to walk past me.

Hah. Not today fucker.

I shove him back and he stumbles, soon regaining his balance. "Bro, what the fuck?" He laughs softly and brushes off his shoulder.

"I told you no." My voice was deepening now, but I had to control myself. I can't do that to Iz. I can't turn now. She'd be terrified of me.

"Should I just tell her what you are then? Right here? I know the windows aren't soundproof." He chuckles and smirks at me.

My breath hitches and I shake my head.

She can't know.


I'm so good at cliffhangers Ik
-Ash (;

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