Chapter 14: the search

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When school was over I went to my dorm and got the address where rose bought the bow staff. I went outside and made sure nobody saw me. apparently were not allowed to leave the school if we don't get a teachers okay. I went in my car and went to the shop. I parked and got inside, to be honest it smelled like somebody died in her. I saw a guy at the front so I went up to him.i said " can you tell me the people who bought a bow staff like this " he said " sure a girl named rose came her and another girl came to get one her with a bow an arrow set but left not information ." I nodded and said " thanks " he then said " wait why do you want to know " I said " ugh I hear somebody calling me bye " I quickly raced out of the store and into my car. I drove off back to school. I parked my car and got out. I heard a click of a button then saw him with a phone . he said " well look who got caught leaving the school grounds " I cursed and said " please come in don't tell on me " he said " well it will be perfect if you got expelled so I'm telling " I was about to go for the phone to delete the picture but he said " tsk tsk one button and I send it to the principle " I stayed still but then I saw jay knock hunter down. hunter layed in the ground moaning in pain and jay had the phone in his hand. I said " so I'm guessing your going to give it to principle too " he shook his head and pressed a button on the screen. he tossed the phone to me and said " it's deleted be more careful next time " I looked at jay uncertainly and check the phone sure enough the photo wasn't there. I smiled at him and said " thanks but didn't you want to kick me out " he said " maybe not anymore you make school a bit more exciting" he then turned around and left. I turned to see hunter still in the floor I throw the phone and the ground and stomped on it.i smiled when I saw it broken and left. When I got inside the school I saw rose and Chris. Chris had her phone and was holding it away from her reach. rose said " give it back jerk " he Said " oh come on rose just a little kiss then you get it back I know you like me " she said " No give it back " she tried to reach it but couldn't. he smirked and then she said " fine " she kissed him quickly in the lips and then took her phone and walked away. but before she could get far Chris took her wrist and spun her back and kissed her. I took a picture what if she says I have no proof about then kissing I can show her the photo. I went back to my dorm and went in my room. I quickly took my laptop and searched for this mystery girl. somebody had had to see her face. When the I heard the door open I got up and shut my laptop.i left my room and saw rose I smiled and said " so anything happened when I was gone " she shook her head then I smiled and said " so you didn't kiss anybody " she didn't look shock which surprised me. she then said " I should have knew that you would have know you like a spy " I smirked and said " Kk I'll be back soon just going for a walk " she nodded then I left my apartment. I walked down the hall when I heard footsteps. I looked around and saw nobody. I continued to walk but I focused othe surf those footsteps again. I heard then again but closer I turned around to see the same girl. I said " who are you and what do you want " she said " call me Lexi tell hunter to watch out " I was about to say something else but then I heard hunter voice say " hey Chloe " I turned to him walking with ,Chris , jay and Xavier.

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