Chapter 15:

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I turned around to see the same girl. I said " who are you and what do you want " she said " call me Lexi tell hunter to watch out " I was about to say something else but then I heard hunter voice say " hey Chloe " I turned to we him walking with ,Chris , jay and Xavier.
I turned back to where Lexi was but she was gone. Xavier then said " who were you talking to a ghost " I said " hunter I need to talk to you guys leave please " hunter looked worried abit but the jay said "we will be down the hall hunter " they then left. I turned to hunter and smashed him against the locker and said " Lexi said to watch out " he pushed my off and then said " how do you know her " I said " she's the girl that attacked us " he looked worried and tried to walk away but u quickly pulled him back and he tried to throw a punch. I quickly ducked and punched him in the face. his nose started to bleed but he then kicked me in the stomach. I fell on the floor but quickly got back up. hunter throw a punch but I voiced it and grabed his arm and flipped him. he landed in the floor wyth a thud. I wiped my hands on my pants and left down the hall. Xavier said " where's hunter." I said " I don't know " the guys walked were I was and when I heard jay say " dude what happened " I quickly ran to my dorm. When I reached my door i saw Amanda. I smirked and said " hey what's up " she said " oh nothing much just walking to my dorm " I said " oh cool where's your dorm " she said " oh on the west side of the academy " I smiled and said " wanna come in " she nodded and I opened the door.  we both went inside and sat on the couch. she took off her jacket and we started to chat. it's been a while since I saw her and I missed her. she said " so how's everything  going  " I said " kinda hard but I'm Surviving " she said " oh that's  great " she looked sad and mad a bit but her expersion went away. I saw it was late and she said " oh I have to go " I  said " okay bye " she got up and left. after she left I noticed she left her jacket on my couch I went to open the door hit she wasn't in the hall. I shrugged my shoulders I'll just give it to her at her dorm tomorrow. I went to my bed room and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and went to get change. I noticed my moms necklace getting rusty so I cleaned it up and then went to grab some breakfast. I grabbed a tour got and some fruit form the fridge. I quickly ate them and then I saw rose get out of her room. she walked in and smiled at me. I said " hey good morning " she said " hey good morning, I noticed last night somebody jacket and was wondering if any of your friends left it here " I nodded and said " yeah Amanda left it here "  she nodded and I said " I better get going i have to give her jacket back " she said " okay see ha " I got her jacket and then went out of the door. I was walking down the hall to the office. since Amanda didn't tell me her dorm number I'm just going to ask the secretary. I got to the office and said " good morning can I have the dorm number of Amanda please " she said " which side does she live in ? " I said " um the west side of the academy" she typed something in the computer and then looked up and said " sorry nobody named Amanda lives there " I said " oh that's weird " she said " I'll just check the whole school  but can you please tell me how to spell her name so I don't get her mixed up with somebody's else " I said " sure a m a n d a" she nodded and clocked some buttons on the computer. she then looked up and said " sorry but no I can't find her " what the doesn't make sense. I nodded to the lady and then left walking back to my dorm. if she doesn't go to this school they why did she lied to me. if she lied about that then what else and why does she want to know me. something doesn't add up.

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