Chapter 17:

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Lexi said " I faked my death with help from some people ,I needed to keep my family safe and people like hunter and Amanda are evil . Don't trust anybody "

I gave her a hug and said " well we can tell mom and dad you didn't die and everything will be back to normal "

she said " i can't ,nobody can know I'm alive "

I frowned and she continues " now we need to get you out of the school they wanna blow it up because apparently there a bunch of gold under the school building. "

I nodded and say " but what about everybody at the school people are gonna die "

she said " we can't save them all Chloe it's impossible "

I replied  " what happens if we stop the bomb before it blows up "

she shrugs her shoulders " maybe that will work but do you know how to defuse a boom and also you need hunter to give you the locations and the time it will go off "

I said " well I think hunter like some cuz he told
Amanda after I get out of this school they could blow it up so I can use that to my advantage and my friends rose knows how to diffuse bombs "

she nodded and said " let's go and don't mention to anybody expect rose that you saw me and are a related to me "

I nodded and we walked back to school.
I find rose with Chris in the cafeteria. I quickly walk up to Rose and say " hey something important happened I need you know "

Rose looks at Chris and he  smiled at her. She gets up and we walk out and go in the hallway. I look around to make sure nobody is lurking around. " I just found out the mystery girl I'm Lexi my sister "

Rose looks shocked and she only nods processing the information. " trust me I was in shock too when I found out but the bad part is the schools in danger and hunter he is working with Amanda to blow up the school."

Rose says " wait I think there trying to see if there's gold underneath this school "

i quickly say " how do you know that there gold under the school "

she replied " it was in an journal I read awhile back "

I nod and say " I need your help thou your the only person I know who can defuse a bomb. "

she looks around and then smiles at me " this would be so exciting it's like we're spies "

I laugh then say " okay all I have to do now is find the location of the bomb and hunter knows that. I'll talk to you later I need to find hunter fast ."

I quickly walk away not waiting for a reply and make my way to hunters locker . When I turn the corner I find him talking to jay, Xavier and Chris. I need to play it off like I finally realized I love hunter I let out a giggle and then shake my head this was harder then I thought it would be. I walk up to hunter and whisper in his ear" hey hunter I was wondering if you could help me with something "

he quickly nods and I say out loud " my computer is not working and I was in the middle of filling out my form to leave the school so if you could fix it that would be great "

he quickly says " I help you lets go to your room now "

perfect I'll make him tell me in my room where the bomb is located. Jay then speaks up making me notice all the guys look at me " wait your leaching the school "

I nod and say " yup I need to go now and guys maybe stay out of school today "

I grab hunters hand and drag him with me to my room. When I get their I open the door and push him in and the lock the door behind me nobody needs to see him asking hunter where a bomb is . I push him against the wall then pull out my knife putting it to his throat and says " where is the location of the bomb"

his eyes widen and then he replied " how did you find out about the bomb"

I shake my head and say " I'm asking the question all you have to do is answer now give me the answer"

he opens his mouth to say the answer when I hear the door open and somebody walks in.  I turn my head and say " this isn't what it looks like "

hunter laughs and says " looks like your secret is out haha karma oh how much I love karma "
Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter sorry for the long wait.

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