Chapter 8: late night swim gone wrong

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When I heard the door open I opened my eyes to see rose soaked in water . I said " hey rose what's happened " she said " oh well apparently our school has a outdoor pool and Chris decided it will be funny to push me in " I laughed and she shock her head at me. she then went to her room and I locked at the clock. it's 7:30 wow rose must have gotten in a long fight with Chris. I got up and went out of my room to the kitchen. I made a sandwich then went to rose room. I entered and asked " hey you want to eat something " she said " no it's fine I'm not hungry now " I closed her door then went to my room . I finished my sandwich while I watched some tv. when I finished I decided to put in my bikini and put a top and shorts over. I grabbed my phone and saw that it's was 8:59.

I closed the door to my room and screamed " rose I'm going out for a night swim I will be back for 10:30 latest "

she said " bring your phone with you "

I said " ya I have it bye "

I went out of our dorm and went to the pool outside. do you believe that they have a pool inside and outside. this school is so rich. I took off my shirts and took then put my phone next to it. I walked into the pool by the steps. I swam for a bit but then heard a branch crack. I quickly looked at where the sound came from and I saw Oliver. weird what was he doing here I thought I was the only one awake now. I noticed he had a football jersey on and I could smell alcohol from here. he took his shirt off the jumped into the water. I do not have a good feeling about this. I swam backwards but he keep swimming closer to me until I was pressed against the wall of the pool. he came closer and we were chest to chest. I said " what are you doing " he said "your so pretty. " He breath ricked of alcohol. he grabbed my wrists and trapped them behind my back.i tried to scream but I couldn't. his hands then went up my back to the string that held up my bikini top. I tried pushing him away but he was to strong. I felt him tug on the string and it loosened. I then screamed and he covered my mouth in a instant. he said " be quiet wouldn't want to wake anybody " he then leaned in and kissed me roughly I tried to push but I couldn't get away. I then heard two guys cheer. he pulled away and I saw two guys from the football team. Oliver said " hey guys I will be with you when I finish with her "

the first guy said " but the booze will be gone by then "

Oliver said " ya let's go " he let go of me and I felt my bikini top losses completely. I quickly held it together and he whispered in my ear " tell anybody and I will tell the principle you got into a fight with me . oh and don't worry we will finish this " he back away and got out of the pool. I quickly got out of the pool. I put my shorts on the I went to tie my bikini top. I heard somebody says " what happened here " I turned to see jay. I quickly finished to tie my bikini top. I said " nothing " he laughed and said " thats why your bikini top is not tied "

I said " I have to go "

he quickly grabbed my wrist and said " who did this "

I said " I don't know what your talking about " I quickly get my things then leave before he says anything.

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