Chapter 16:

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I saw Amanda down the hall and I decided to follow her. She went down another hall and I stayed at the corner hidden. she stopped in front of somebody hit I couldn't see his face. she said " is there any improvement " he said " uh no " she shook her head and said " well you better get it down or else I'm blowing up this place with beer in it. I don't care if you know her I need this for myself and I cane as lot replace you if needed " he nodded and said " okay I'll try just give me more " she nodded and said " fine but we need Lexi gone and we know she is in this school somewhere." he nodded and she said " and if she doesn't go along with our plan she's died " he said " I'll will get her out of this school and make her agree don't worry "she left and then I saw the guy move and saw it was hunter. wow I quickly ran down the hall to my dorm. I got inside and took my note pad down. I wrote down:
Amanda boss
Hunter follower
Want to blow up building
Reason to kill Lexi
Happening soon
Lexi against Amanda
I put my note book under my pillow. let me just say I'm sick today and try to find Lexi and maybe hunter to get information out of them both. I called the secretary then I made sure I had my four knifes and grabbed my computer. i called rose and she came into my room. I smiled at her and she said " what do you want " I said " can you please hack the school security cameras " she said " fine you should be paying me for this though " l jagged and she then got my computer and started to do her magic. I still just see a bunch or letters and numbers. She then said " here you go you can scroll through them and I put up a face recognition so if you need to find where she or he is at the moment." I smiled and said "thanks your the best " she smiled then left my room. I walk down the hall and go to the library with my computer and scroll threw cameras and finally see Lexi enter a room. I look at the number of the door. 148 i close my computer and head to that dorm number. Ugly to the dorm and knock on the door. And I see a girl open it I say " hello is Lexi here " she close the door right away but I kick it open I go to one of the rooms and she Lexi I grab her arm and she turns around to me but u can't see her face since of the mask she has. She quickly gets out of my grip and runs out. I run after her and see her going into the forest. I look around for her but all I see is trees. I then here a snap of a branch. I quickly follow the direction I heard the sound and I see her running. I quickly run after her and as soon as I get close enough I tackle her to the ground. I turn her over and take off her mask. What how can't this be . She says " you were always faster then me little sis " I say " how is this possible you used mom and dad said you died "

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