Chapter 12: i didn't do it

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I say to rose " wow what happened " whoever did this is in so much trouble.

she said " I thought it was you " I shook my head and said " I didn't jump through any windows recently " she said " oh okay well it happened last night and apparently hunter saw the person who did it" of course now I need to talk to him about who did this.

I was just planning on ignoring him. I said " okay well let's go to class before the bell rings " she said " ya sure " we then head to class.

------------Lunch time --------------

I quickly put my books away and went to find hunter. I saw him by his locker and went up to him.

I said " what happened to that window"

he said " well you did it " I shook my head and said "I didn't " he laughed and said " let's go outside and continue our chat " I nodded and we went outside.

I said " I didn't do it "

he just shook his head and said " well you heard something and you will tell me what you heard"

I said " I don't understand what your saying."

He said. " Yes you do you little bi--" but I didn't let him continue because I punched him.

he quickly took out a gun and pointed it at me.

I said " well that's playing fair "

he said " that the exact same thing you told me last night "

i said " it wasn't my line even I just heard it from somebody "

he said " then who was it "

I said " beats me but I will find out just tell me what he or she looked like "

he said " it was a girl who looked like you same eye colour and blonde hair .she was wearing a black masks and black jeans , black top , black gloves and black leather jacket. she had a metal bow staff when she flicked it it began two times longer."

I said " thanks now stop getting in trouble or else I will deal with you "

he smirked and said " ya right now see ya " he walked away and I had to do everything in my power to not take one of knifes and through it at his head. I then went back inside and saw rose at my locker.

I said " hey what's up "

she said " nothing much " just then Xavier, Chris and jay came down the hallway.

they came to us and Chris said " hey rose " I said " hello am I invisible ? " He continued to talk to rose and I raised my hand to punch him but jay said " remember you hit you get expelled "I lowered my hand glaring at him.

I saw rose blush then I saw Chris holding her hand. I smiled and then said " im heading to class " rose said " what happened with hunter and the mysterious broken window?"

I Said " let just say that it's not mysterious anymore to me and I will tell you the details later " she smiled and waved goodbye.

I left with out saying goodbye to the boys, I hate them what's the point. if they get me kicked out then I can't see what hunters up to and find out about the girl in black. When class is over I walk down the hall and see rose talking to Chris.

rose seems like she is mad at him but before I could read Chris expression they kiss. omg that just happened. rose pulled away and quickly got her stuff and left.

she came in my direction and I said " what happened their " she said " I think I have a boyfriend now " I smiled and said" oh I'm so happy for you but know if he breaks you heart I will break his heart, and not figuratively "

she said " ya right "

I said " I'm not kidding so you know" she looked scared for a minute but then said " well you should be excited ??"

I said lying " for what " she said " your birthdays tomorrow silly "

I said " I know let's go to the dorm so that I can tell you what I found out "
she nodded and we went off .

I opened the door to the dorm room then sat on the couch. rose sat next to me and I said " okay apparently it's a girl she wore all black and had a mask. she had blonde hair and the same color eyes as me.

hunter said see looked like me and she has a metal bow staff that grows twice it's length."

she said "omg that like so cool "

I said" she sounds like a spy but to be honest I want to know why she is here and where to find here"

she nodded and said " well just don't think about it to much."

I nodded and rose got up and went to her room.

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