Ch. 2

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Em woke up to a cool hand on her forehead, her body was still aching and her head was pounding.

“Mum?” She asked plaintively, slowly she tried to open her eyes, where ever she was it was very bright and smelt faintly of violets.

“Is she awake?” A boys voice asked through the fog.

“She is waking up Telen, please be patient.” Another voice joined the first, this one was cool and soft.

Struggling to open her eyes, she tried to move, the fog seemed to be slowly clearing. A woman sat beside her Em would make out pale gold hair as her vision swam again.

“What’s going on?” Em tried to force the words from her throat but only a croak emerged.

“Shh child, you’re body is trying to recover” Said the voice, it began to sing.

Em closed her eyes and fell back asleep as the song suggested.

“Will she be okay?” Telen asked Lillabeth.

“She just needs to get her strength back, travelling from one world to another is no easy task”

“Have the Gods spoken to you about it yet?” Maelgywn asked, the tall warrior asked as he strode to where Telen and Lillabeth sat near the embers of last nights fire.

“As I’ve told you, she is from another world, how or why she is here is a mystery to us all. They will not tell me no matter how I plead.” Lillabeth told him.

“You’d think they’d communicate with their chosen one more. How long until we can drop er off at the nearest Chantry?” Maelgywn shook his head clearly wanting to leave and continue their journey.

“It’s hard to say how long until we can continue, Maelgywn, she will be coming with us. She needs us.” Lillabeth was being firm with him in this matter. “She is under my protection now”

“Telen, go fetch some firewood and move the horses to a better grazing spot” Maelgywn widened his stance as though he was physically and mentally preparing himself for a battle. Both adults watched as Telen scampered off in the surrounding forest. The rest of their party had fled the camp early this morning claiming they needed to restock suplies.

“I will not leave her behind, since you need me, it means she is coming too”

“I can command you to leave her behind” Maelgywn sighed already admitting to himself that this was a battle he probably wasn’t going to win.

“You may be a King, however my position is outside your reach. I am a high priestess within my own rights.” Lillabeth titled her chin up stubbornly, this girl called to her. She was young, thirteen maybe fourteen, her clothing strange but remarkably well made. Lillabeth knew that this was the girl she had to help, the Gods wanted her here for something.

“In that you are correct, however when I agreed to let you join this party, you said you would follow my directions.”

“I did, however in this I will not budge Maelgywn, I can’t, she needs us.”

Maelgywn sighed, Lillabeth was his sister, he knew she believed what she said, he however was not convinced. When the Gods took interest in someone it was normally not for the best, for them or anyone surrounding them. The Gods had a very strange agenda that few could dicipher. 

“We need her to help save our Queen.” Lillabeth knew this would catch her brothers attention like nothing else.

“Fine, do what you must, you however are responsible for her.” Maelgywn stalked off.

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