I'm A Twenty-Two Year Old Widow And I'm All Alone...


Carrie Masterson was truly in love with the man of her dreams. They had been together since she was sixteen, and he was eighteen. On her 20th birthday, he proposed to her, and they married eighteen months later.


But their happy world was torn apart when her husband Lucas was killed in a car accident. Carrie is left devastated and in a world of depression, somehow unable to move on. She And Lucas had begun trying for a baby, to start their perfect family. And now Carrie's left all alone.


In a shocking twist of fate, Carrie learns she's four months pregnant just three months after the death of her husband. Could the miracle baby bring her out of her depression and help her move on in life?





Chapter One... Planning Our Perfect Future


"Carrie. I think we're honestly, finally ready to start trying for a baby. We've been married for six months, and I'm ready."

Ah Lucas. He was my perfect, loving, amazing husband who I had known and loved for six years. For someone my age, it may sound like a long time, but to us, it was perfect. We were madly in love.

We had met back when I was a sophomore. Lucas was my brother Chris' best mate. Always at my house. When Chris used to hang out in the yard with his girlfriend and now wife Melanie, poor Lucas was left in the living room alone. I found myself attracted to him, and one day we found ourselves talking about our lives. Telling each other intimate details about each other... and then we kissed. Unfortunately as we kissed, Chris walked in, and it started a huge argument between them.

I stood up for Lucas, and being that I was usually a shy girl, Chris was amazed. He saw that I was falling for Lucas, and he apologised and let us be together.

My identical twin sister Chelsea once had a crush on him. But Chelsea? She'd crush on anyone. Whilst I was the shy, timid one, she was the outgoing one, always in trouble but really popular. It was because of her I was on our high schools' cheerleading squad. Chelsea was a teacher's worst nightmare. If she could do something immature, you can bet she would. A wild child, Chelsea could manage to attract any guy to her, and you could guarantee she'd slept with most of them.

If it wasn't for her wild child ways, I wouldn't have my nephew Nathaniel. He was four, and the product of a one-night stand. The worst part? Chelsea couldn't be sure who the father was! Definitely opposites we were. She's still single, a senior in college with way too much time to spend partying. And she spends all of her money on daycare and babysitters for Nathaniel. And yes, I would babysit him a lot too. I was a senior in college, too. And it was only one month until we were finished. And then I'd be moving on to medical school. And Chelsea would be surprisingly going to law school. Ironic, since she can't obey the law herself...

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