I'm an Aussie girl... talkative and happy :)

Some Quotes I Love...

"You can't change the past but you can alter the present to change the future..."

"Live life like you love it because this is one ride that you never get to take again."

"Man up Princess... life's too short to listen to your complaining."

"Just because you think you're better than the rest of the world doesn't make it true... it just makes you blind."

"Sadness is a sickness to which happiness is the cure."


"Bye Bye Virginity" was a top story :)

"Pregnant At Sixteen... With A Vampire's Baby" I love the detail, the length of the chapters and the awesomeness of it :)


I live in the moment. I hate people who try to be something they're not. I love chatty people. I hate judgemental people, because you can't judge a book by its cover. Right? I hate being ignored, but I'm also learning recently that I hate being the centre of attention. When you know that people are talking about you, it's a little unnerving. I love honesty, hate liars. I love fun people, and boring people I see as wasting my time. I'm a happy person and I love who I am. I wouldn't change me :).

As they say, you have to be open to something in order to appreciate it. Appreciate everything you have, because life is too short to let the little things get you down :)

No matter where you go in life, no matter who you meet... No matter what changes or what happens, never ever for a second forget who you are or what makes you unique from everyone else in this beautiful world :)
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Regrets 2: The Story Of The Knight Sisters

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Description: Brea and Christina Knight haven't always had life easy. Their mom Marissa had them at seventeen, but that hasn't stopped the vibrant twins from growing up into happy teenagers with their only issue being that their biological father is someone they...

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Hello all. I've been busily writing the last few chapters of "regrets 2" and can happily say that while I've written the finale, I've got about 4 or 5 in between chapters to write. I just knew how it was going to end, and I had to write lol. Soon, I'll finish the whole story and post the entire lot in one hit! Yay!
cupcakesouls00 posted a message to renesmee09
Hi. Just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your stories. You're a super talented writer. I just wish that you're more active on here and update your stories more!