The Meeting

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[This is continuation to "I'll find you My love" chapter]

I've reached the meeting place Horikita mentioned, it's a small restaurant. Even though I'm 15 minutes early I can see that the other people have already arrived.

I can see three girls in their early 20s who sat in the chairs at the back of the restaurant. There is Horikita who's the host of this meeting, opposite to Horikita sat Haruka who's fiddling with her phone. Beside Horikita sat Ichinose.

My guess is correct. Horikita wouldn't have called Ichinose if it's not related to Kiyotaka.

Suddenly my heart started to race. I don't know whether it's due to nervousness or fear or anxiety. I just took a deep breath and started walking towards the three girls, praying that this meeting will help me reach Kiyotaka.

"Hello Horikita and Ichinose. Hey, Haruka." I said as I reached the place where they are sitting.

"Hello, Karuizawa." replied both Horikita and Ichinose.

"Yo, Kei. Ahhh, it's been so long since we met." said Haruka while standing up and hugging me. I sat beside Haruka.

"It's great to meet you all again after such a long time. How are you all?" I asked keeping up my smiling face.

"I'm fine but life slowly started getting bored. It's not as interesting as when we were in school." replied Haruka while shaking her head.

It seems Haruka is not satisfied with how her life is going. But what she said was true, now looking back I realize our school life was really super interesting.

"I'm doing fine as well Karuizawa." replied Ichinose with her usual smile.

"Same here." replied Horikita with a little nod.

Even though Horikita said she likes short hair, it looks like she hasn't cut her hair even once since our second year. She has a long black hair, longer than what she has at the start of our school.

"More importantly how are you doing Karuizawa? Is everything okay?"

That question is from Ichinose. This was unexpected but I'm not really that surprised.

Out of all people here, I guess Ichinose is the only person who knows exactly how I'm feeling. After all she loved Kiyotaka too. Even though Kiyotaka hasn't accepted her confession, she never gave up on her love, Ichinose has feelings for Kiyotaka even to this day.

Probably Ichinose is suffering the same way as me. No. She's been suffering like this even before Kiyotaka left the school, it just got worse.

"I'm doing great Ichinose. Thanks for your concern." I can't do anything but to reply like this.

"I'm glad that you're doing well" Ichinose just replied with her usual smile to my answer.

We sat in silence for a couple of minutes. Deciding to break the silence I spoke up.

"So Horikita, can we start now? Why did you call us all of a sudden?"

"Ahh.. I've invited some other people to join us, so I will start once everyone is here. It's almost time, they should be here." Horikita replied.

Just when I was about to ask about who these other people are, two people entered the restaurant.

The first one to enter is a guy in his early twenties with magenta hair. He's walking with his hands in pocket. Following him is a cute girl with silver hair. She has a book in her hand.

"Yo, Suzune." Ryuen said as he and Shiina took a place in the empty chairs.

"Hello everyone." greeted Shiina with a little smile on her face.

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