The Cultural Festival

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"Sudo-kun, can you bring the extra ingredients we ordered, from the storage?"

"Sure, Suzune."

It's the last day of the inaugural cultural festival of this school. The cultural festival lasted for two days, and only three or so hours left in the final day.

We are trying to make most out of the time we have left to boost the sales of this Food stall.

For students in any other school, a cultural festival is an event filled with fun where they can enjoy to their heart's content. But for us, the students of ANHS, this cultural festival is a battlefield where expulsions are on the line.

This cultural festival is another special exam for us.

And what's more troublesome is, that this special exam will pit us against the other school years once again.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting the school to conduct another mixed school years special exam. I expected the school would not include third year's in this special exam, given how close we are to their graduation. And in first years case, almost all their special exams involved other school years.

But since the school decided that this will be a mixed years special exam, each class is fighting against every other class of the whole school.

Like every other special exam, the rules of this cultural festival seemed very simple at first. This special exam requires all the classes to set up stalls for their events during the festival. Each class will be fighting against other classes in attracting guests to their events. Just earning profits from our stalls would ensure us to earn class points.

And we will lose class points if we fail to earn profits through our sales. A class will lose 30 class points for every stall that failed to return profits.

The number of class points we can get is determined by the profit margin of our events. If the profit margin of a stall is below or equal to 30% then the class will gain 30 class points. And we will gain class points two times our profit margin if we managed to earn a profit margin greater than 30%.

Since the class points we will gain depends on the profit margin, the maximum number of points a class can earn from a single event will be 198 class points. Depending on the difference between the profits earned by the classes, there maybe a huge shift in the class rankings by the end of this special exam.

If this is all there is to this special exam, it might be not that troublesome for us. But the problem starts with the extra rules of this special exam.

Each class has to organise atleast three events in this cultural festival and every event that a class prepares should be unique. If two classes end up proposing the same event, then the two groups that are organising the event will be competing directly against each other for the total number of sales. And after the end of this festival, one student from the group that earned the less profit margin will be expelled from the school.

Fortunately all of the five events our class prepared are unique and we've escaped the risk of expulsion.

And another troublesome rule of this festival is, choosing locations. The school has prepared three locations: Main Street area, Central area and Uptown area. The classes have to decide the appropriate location for their events.

By location, the Uptown area is the one closest to the Main gate and normally this would've been the best location to set up a stall to attract more guests. But unlike other schools, this cultural festival is not open to everyone and the select few guests who are allowed to attend the festival are not going to come walking down from the main gate.

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