The Last Night

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[Takes place after "The Cultural Festival" chapter and  before "I'll find you 'my love'" chapter]

It's just after 7 p.m., and the sky is lit by a waning crescent moon. Even though the Moon is almost at its New Moon phase, the thin crescent is glowing more brightly than ever.

Even with all of the decorative lights adorning the school buildings, the moonlight managed to shine through.

And even with this incredible moonlight and decorative lighting, the thing that stood out most is the groups of students that are gathered. As I walked away from the dorms, I noticed many groups of students gathered along the roads leading to our dorms.

Almost all of the students that I noticed are from our third year. And the reason these students stood out is due to the fact that most groups had students from different classes.

It's the end of the school year and our most anticipated graduation day is just a week away. And in preparation for this graduation day, our three-year class competition has been settled and the final Class A has already been decided.

And now that the class competitions are over, all of the students from different classes are unwinding and enjoying the remaining time they have left at this school with one another.

After all that fighting for the last three years, here we are now with the students keeping their enmity aside and spending the rest of their time at this school together. I can't believe these are the same people who only a few weeks ago were fighting against each other for the position of Class A.

If the class competition hadn't ended yet, some of these students would never even be able to stay in the same room without going at each other's throats. But now, those same students are sharing food at the same table.

I'm sure there are some students here that are still bitter and unhappy over not winning the position of Class A in the end and missing the opportunity of a guaranteed job. After all, ever since we joined this school, we've all been in a race to reach the goal of becoming Class A for the sole purpose of securing that guaranteed job opportunity after graduation. It's understandable why some of the students might be unhappy.

However, I don't think most students would be so dissatisfied. Any student who has made it through the past three years at this school, regardless of whether they are from Class A or Class D, does not need a job reference from the school. After everything that the students have gone through in this school, all of the mistakes they've made, all of the lessons they've learned, and all of the hard work they've put in, any student may acquire their dream job without any recommendation from this school.

I feel that this is the actual goal of this school. The class competitions, Class A, guaranteed job opportunity, those were never the actual things that mattered; instead, they were merely a means of helping students grow and progress.

I'm quite sure I'm not the only one that thinks like this. That is most likely why, despite having so many students graduate from this school, information about how it operated never leaked to the outer world.

It's also probably one of the main reasons why students can gather like this happily. Because they realized that, with the way they're now, they are perfectly capable of building their own future.

I can see that confidence in the faces of the students that are around me. As I continued walking down the road, I noticed many familiar faces; several of the students, both from my class and from other classes, invited me to join them, but I politely declined because I needed to be someplace else right now.

As I continued walking down the road, the number of student groups shrank, and after a short time, there were no students and no decorative lights to be seen. The moon and the street lights are the only sources of illumination.

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