I'll find you 'my love'

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(This story takes place five years after graduation)

It's been five years since my highschool graduation. It's also been five years since I last saw him, the person I loved the most.

Just before our graduation, that person, Kiyotaka dropped out of highschool. It came as a shock to everyone in my school but I knew it beforehand. I knew that he was going to drop out and I would never see him again.

At the end of our second year Kiyotaka wanted to break up with me, because he knew a day would come where we have to part our ways never to meet again. He would go back to his old life in which it's impossible for anyone from the school to contact him. Kiyotaka thought if we continue our relationship till the end of our third year, I would break when that day comes.

But I thought differently. I thought completely opposite.

If I can no longer be with Kiyotaka after highschool then all the more reason for me to spend more time with Kiyotaka while I still have the chance. In the next one year, I'll absolutely make sure to make many great memories with Kiyotaka. Memories which can make both Kiyotaka and I smile when we look back at our school life in future. Memories which can fill the void in our hearts atleast to some extent.

And along with this, in the next one year I'll strengthen my heart's resolve to face that day. I'll prepare myself to stay strong and not break when that inevitable day comes.

But all my preparation amounted to nothing when that day finally came.

I still remember that day clearly. No one in the school knows about Kiyotaka dropping out except me. Even though Kiyotaka told me to not tell anyone about him dropping out, I couldn't do it. Kiyotaka has done so much for our class, not only our class he even helped many people from other classes. I don't want Kiyotaka to disappear like this, it will be like he never existed at all. I don't want to send off Kiyotaka alone.

If that day is going to be the last normal day of his life then I will do anything to make that day a happy one. Without telling the reason, I told some people to come to the entrance gate. I invited Horikita-san, the members of Ayanokouji group from our class. From other classes, I invited Ichinose-san, Ryuen and Shiina-san. Even though I haven't invited her, Sakayanagi-san was at the entrance gate that day. Sakayanagi-san must have predicted what Kiyotaka will do, after all she knows his circumstances better than anyone.

When Kiyotaka saw other people at the entrance gate, he hasn't said anything about it. He hasn't answered any of their questions either. He just thanked everyone for being his friends and apologized to everyone for not being able to be with them from now on. Everyone were shocked and sad including Ryuen. The eyes of Ichinose-san, Sakura-san and Shiina-san are almost filled with tears but they somehow were able to control themselves. Horikita-san kept her stern expression clearly trying to cover up her sadness, she's asking Kiyotaka many questions but he hasn't answered any of them. Sakayanagi-san just kept her usual smile.

Just before leaving, he hugged me and told me that he'll never forget me and he'll always love me. That's the breaking point for me.

I could not control myself no matter how much I tried. The pain in my heart is too much to control myself, I sobbed like a little kid in the end. I wanted to spend more time with Kiyotaka, I wanted to go with Kiyotaka wherever he goes. I tried to rush towards the gate following Kiyotaka but Haruka and Horikita-san stopped me.

But after graduation, I stayed strong. I went to college because Kiyotaka wanted me to go to a college. I didn't give into depression either. There's only one reason for that, a small hope. A hope that I will be able to see Kiyotaka in future. Even to this day I clinged to that small hope, that's the only thing that kept me going.

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