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[This chapter takes place 5 months after 'An ominous rainy day']

My eyelids slowly fluttered open as the dream I was having faded away. I realised I'd awoken earlier than usual, as the room is still dark and the man next to me hadn't risen yet.

I carefully shifted in the bed as to not wake him up. To my left, I saw the sleeping figure of my husband sleeping peacefully.

I rarely see Kiyotaka's sleeping face like this, as he always wakes up earlier than me.

Kiyotaka has another hectic day ahead of him because he's going to that place again today.

Kiyotaka is visiting the white room more and more lately. It could be because he's making some more changes to the way white room operates.

No matter how many changes they make to the way white room operates and how they treat the children in the white room, it is still not a place where a kid should be.

If it were up to me I would prefer to close the whole facility down.

But that's impossible; because though Kiyotaka is now in charge of the white room, he can't make any major changes without his father's approval.

Given that White Room is Kiyotaka's father's life's work, there's no way he'd agree to the facility's closure.

If we still intend to shutdown the White room then we would have to defy and fight Kiyotaka's father. But, even under normal circumstances, defeating him is unthinkable, let alone in the current situation, given his father's political involvement.

After making Kiyotaka handle the white room's operations, Kiyotaka's father became more involved in politics. With the majority of the government in his hands, his Father now has more power than ever before, there's no way anyone would be willing to go against him now.

Kiyotaka's father has greatly strengthened his ties with the government in recent years and laying the groundwork for Kiyotaka's entry into politics.

His father really wants Kiyotaka to lead this nation huh.

If Kiyotaka didn't intend to marry me, his father would have tried to marry Kiyotaka to a daughter of a high-ranking government official. I'm sure his father had a girl in mind and had made plans for their marriage, but those plans got ruined because of my existence.

I'm still amazed that Kiyotaka's father eventually agreed to our marriage. Kiyotaka's father, as expected, did not approve to our marriage when Kiyotaka first proposed it. I was scared that no matter what happened, his father would never approve and that I would have to leave Kiyotaka again.

But in the end, though reluctantly Kiyotaka's father agreed to our marriage. This is all thanks to her.

Our marriage would not have taken place if it hadn't been for Kiyotaka's mother. She somehow manged to convince Kiyotaka's Father for our marriage. I never expected that man to be persuaded by anyone, especially when our marriage would jeopardize his future ambition.

Though I never understood why Kiyotaka's mother agreed to our marriage and helped us in persuading Professor Ayanokouji.

I got a chance to ask her about it when I found myself alone with her.

"My son doesn't really have any strong  feelings towards anything. The love for you is the only strong emotion he feels right now. I didn't want to rob the only emotion my son feels from him" is what she said when I asked why she agreed for our marriage.

Her behaviour and words give the impression that she genuinely cares about her son. But if that's the case how did Kiyotaka ended up in that hell in the first place.

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