The Fight

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It's almost the end of another bizarre special exam. I saw to my left where Karuizawa-san is standing. Normally I would never choose to be with Karuizawa-san especially during a special exam. But since I wanted to relay the new information I learned in the student council to him and Karuizawa-san and him are almost inseparable during recent times, I ended up with her.

I knew they're in a relationship but being together almost whole day seems a bit too much to me.

I looked towards the small ring that was prepared to hold this event of the special exam. I can see president Nagumo inside the ring and Ayanokouji-kun is approaching the ring.

I knew president Nagumo wanted to fight Ayanokouji-kun but I never imagined he would go to this length, creating and manipulating a whole special exam just to fight him.

Most of the students in this school are already aware that Nagumo targeted Ayanokouji-kun as president Nagumo is not really subtle about his ways. President Nagumo openly targeted Ayanokouji-kun after the uninhabited island exam.

Everyone thinks that the reason for Nagumo's hostility towards Ayanokouji-kun is Ichinose-san. President Nagumo is interested in Ichinose-san but Ichinose-san was interested in Ayanokouji-kun. People will easily believe the story where the rivalry is due to love. But the real reason behind Nagumo's hostility is his obsession with my brother. And since my brother has acknowledged Ayanokouji-kun, now the president wants to defeat Ayanokouji-kun.

Still President Nagumo took care to design this special exam in a way to make it look like another normal special exam. At least on outside he made this fight with Ayanokouji-kun look natural.

This special exam is divided into different phases. While the first phase tests the academic ability through written tests and quizzes, the second phase tests the physical ability through different sports competitions. And the third phase tests the physical ability through one-on-one fights.

But the most important factor in this special exam is that the students will compete as groups instead of as a class. And this group contains students from the three school years. And after the first phase two groups will be merged and they have to compete in the rest of the phases with this group. Though the students have freedom in choosing the members of their group in the first phase, students don't have any say in the groups merging. The groups will be merged in random and this will test the students ability to cooperate with other students.

Since this special exam is aimed to test the overall ability of students, the school has no problems with it except for the phase 3 where the students will fight one-on-one.

But president Nagumo cleverly put his argument to school and made school agree. I still remember what president Nagumo has said.

"This school claims to test the overall ability of the students and evaluate them accordingly. Surely the school is trying to test the academic ability through written tests and physical ability through sports. But physical ability means not just performance in sports, does it? And besides testing the same physical ability in a different way will only help us in clearly evaluating a student's true ability. Of course when I say one-on-one fights I don't mean that the students will fight without any restrictions. We can't allow things like that in a school. We can clearly define what's allowed and what's not allowed in these fights."

That's what president Nagumo proposed to the school. In the end the school has approved the one-on-one fights. And president Nagumo got what he wanted, a one-on-one fight with Ayanokouji-kun. I'm sure Nagumo-senpai doesn't just want to fight Ayanokouji-kun but he wanted to do it in front of the whole school and crush Ayanokouji-kun to display his superiority.

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